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Contact Entrepreneurial Leadership Center Coordinator: Tracy Reinsel

Clarion University Entrepreneurial Leadership Center

The Entrepreneurial Leadership Center (ELC) at Clarion University of Pennsylvania strives to instill and promote a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking across the university community. The vision is to create a sustainable enterprise embedded in the Clarion University community that promotes and supports innovation entrepreneurial activity, entrepreneurial approaches to problem solving and provides a value-added contribution to the economic development of this region.


Formal and Informal Training
Encourage innovation and entrepreneurship through curriculum and training options that assist in preparing students, staff and faculty across disciplines. Emphasis will be placed on formal and informal training to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for entrepreneurial leadership and enterprise development.

Resource Knowledge Base
Heighten the awareness and application of entrepreneurial principles and practices across the university community. Emphasis here will be placed on providing students, faculty and staff with:

Organized Resources
Experiential Learning Opportunities
Engagement Opportunities
Access to Interactions with Successful Entrepreneurial Alumni

Interactive Learning Opportunities
Provide students with the resources necessary to move an idea to enterprise development. Emphasis here will be placed on:

Business Plan Development
Student Incubator Opportunities

Business Launch Internship Program
This highly competitive internship will help students gain experience in business development, market research, marketing plans, fundraising and financing. The program seeks young entrepreneurs who are interested in gaining real-world experiences and expanding their entrepreneurial horizons. Interns will have the chance to bring innovation and economic inspiration to the region over the course of three, six or nine months. Incubator space and internship coordination will be provided by the ELC and SBDC at the Gregory Barnes Center. Academic credit for the internships will range from three to nine credits per semester. Salary level will be determined by the net profits generated by the individual.

The internship is open to juniors, seniors and graduate students of all majors, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Applicants must have a specific plan for their business and must be able to demonstrate targeted and consistent efforts made to succeed. To apply, students must complete the Business Launch Internship Application. Students are encouraged to take part in the PASSHE competition, as well.

Tracy Reinsel
Gregory Barnes Center
330 North Point Drive Suite 100
Clarion PA 16214-3873
Phone: (814) 393-2060
Toll Free: 1 (877) 292-1843
Monday-Friday 8:30AM-4:30PM
Directions: Gregory Barnes Center