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 Driving Impact for Manufacturers

 Emotional Intelligence


All managers can relate horror stories about employees, team members or even bosses who were intelligent, technically capable, and able to perform the duties their job demanded...but wreaked havoc on their teams because their social skills or lack of self-management. When it comes to individual and team success, IQ is not enough ; in fact, the skill set known as Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has consistently proven to be a better indicator of individual and team workplace success. Cultivating and using the five components of EQ can have a profound positive effect on you individually as well as the people you work with.


Learn more about the important role of emotional intelligence in our lives and learn to practice this critical skill.



  • Identify the 5 main factors of emotional intelligence and how those factors can play into personal and professional success
  • Implement strategies for seamlessly incorporating emotional intelligence into personal and professional lives
  • Utilize practical exercises that show EQ in action


Date: June 12, 2019

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Clarion University SBDC

330 North Point Dr.

Clarion PA


Cost : $149


The Presenter: Susan Hileman, NWIRC

NW/RC Strategic Business Advisor, Susan Hileman, has been working with manufacturing business owners for over17 years. Like the skill of developing effective communications, good leadership is a learned discipline. A John Maxwell Group Certified speaker and trainer, she will share some of these essential skills leaders can learn in order to positiotheir company for positive growth and a thriving culture.


For more information or to register: • mreichard@nwirc .org • (814) 217-6067