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Leadership Challenge:
How YOU Affect Your Company’s Culture


In the world of business, ‘profitability’ is king, but the most significant contribution a good leader makes isn’t really focused on the bottom line. It’s focused on people—on relationships—on developing employees. If yourcompany wants to become an ‘employer of choice’, especially during a timeof worker shortages, you need strong leadership and a culture thatencourages teamwork. Good leaders are effective because they know whatit takes to cultivate that culture. They understandemployees will work hard if given the right tools, guidance, andreason. They also understand you earn the respect of those around you by making a significant difference in their lives. 

Based on the research of Kouzes and Posner’s bestseller, The Leadership Challenge, and leadership guru John Maxwell’s newest book, Leader Shift, you will discover 5 ways to rejuvenate and re-energize your organization’s culture.

  •  Leadership is the ability to influence: model the way
  •  Inspire a shared vision to do more and be more

    September 24, 2019


    Clarion University SBDC
    330 North Point Drive, Clarion, PA 16214


  • Challenge the process to grow the team
  •  Build a ladder that will enable others to act
  • Grow transformational leaders through engagement

When you leave this session, you will understand what it takes to  become a great leader to influence and inspire those around you, and  have the knowledge to develop an actionable plan for moving forward.

About the Presenter:  NWIRC Strategic Business Advisor, Susan Hileman, has been working with manufacturing business owners for over  17 years. A John Maxwell Group Certified speaker and trainer, she will share some of the essential skills for leaders to position their company  for positive growth and a thriving culture.

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