• Only Clarion University students, faculty, and staff are eligible to participate in intramurals and other recreation programs.  Students from other institutions may not participate!
  • Information sheets, including eligibility rules, are available for each activity, and they are posted on the Intramurals Bulletin Board in the Student Recreation Center.  

how to get involved

  • Below are the Fall and Spring Semester Intramurals Schedules.   Access and print an information sheet which includes roster limits and guidelines for each intramural activity.  You also can check the Intramurals Bulletin Board (located in the hallway on the first floor of the Rec Center) for a list of intramurals and other recreation activities.
  • Pay particular attention to the registration deadline and the roster limits for each activity.
  • Complete a team registration form which are available at the Rec Center front desk, bulletin and white board. You may sign-up as an individual or team. Simply return the form to the Rec Center front desk.
  • Captains must submit a phone number; you will be contacted prior to your first scheduled game.
  • You may play on ONLY one (1) team in each division.  For example, a guy can play on one men's team and one coed team.  No exceptions!  Once you play for one team, you MAY NOT switch teams.
  • Review the Intramurals Handbook for complete information about intramural play, officials, injuries, health and safety, forfeits, conduct, and more.
  • Attend the captain's meeting, if applicable.  Your captain will be contacted by the intramural staff. 


Click the info sheets and rules for more information on each activity. Activities in bold are one day tournaments. Please review the Intramurals Handbook for complete information on intramural play. 

Activity Info Sheet Rules 2017-18 Champions
3v3 Outdoor Basketball Tournament     Team Takeover
Flag Football Info Rules Ankles 2.0
Outdoor Soccer Info Rules 

Co-Rec: Off Constantly
Tennis Info Rules Over!
Dodgeball Info  Rules  Punxy Postal
5K & 10K Race (United Way) Info    Over!
Field Goal Contest Info Rules  Francis Ayotunde
Punt, Pass & Kick Info Rules Carri Pakozdi
Stephan Smathers
1 v 1 Basketball Info  Rules Tuesday 11/13
Volleyball Info  Rules  In Progress
3 v 3 Basketball Info  Rules  In Progress
Table Tennis Info    Tuesday 11/27
Tug-Of-War Info Rules Over!
Chess Info    Wednesday 11/7
Mile Race     Katie Benson
Tony Lopreiato
Power Lifting Info  Rules  Over!



Check the info sheets and rules for more information on each activity. Activities in bold are one day tournaments. Please review the Intramurals Handbook for complete information on intramural play. 

Activity Info Sheet Rules 2018-19 Start Dates
Floor Hockey Info Rules  TBD
5 v 5 Basketball Info  Rules 
Poker (Texas Hold'em) Info   TBD
Badminton Info   
Euchre Tourney Info   TBD
Pump N' Run Info    TBD
Racquetball Info   
Tourney Bracket Challenge Info    TBD
Free Throw Shot Info   
Dunk Competition Info    TBD
3-Point Shot Info   
Bball Skills Competition Info   
Wiffleball Info   
Climbing Info    TBD
Wrestling Info    TBD
3v3 Volleyball    
Wiffleball Home Run Derby     TBD
Ultimate Frisbee Info    TBD
Softball     TBD
Track Meet     TBD
Futsal Info    TBD
Kickabll Tourney     TBD


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Check the REC Center Intramurals Bulletin Board, the Intramurals White Board or either of our social media sites for more information, schedules, team standings, pictures, special events, and other intramural news!



Contact Ewing Moussa, Coordinator of Recreational Services at 814-393-1663 or


Intramural Staff

Ewing Moussa                                                                 
Coordinator of Recreational Services                         
104 Rec Center                                                               


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