Freshmen Housing Sign-ups


FRESHMEN FALL 2019 HOUSING application



  • Freshmen housing will be offered in Suites on Main North, Suites on Main South, Valley View and Campus View.
  • SINGLE ROOMS will be available in Suites on Main
    • The cost of the single (former shared semi-suite) will be $4995 per semester, which is an upcharge of $700 (each semester) from the standard shared semi-suite cost.
    • You must complete the housing application contract and then select this room type in Suites on Main.
    • We have a limited number of spaces available so it will be on a first-come, first serve basis. 
    • The additional bed will be removed but the dressers and desk/chair will remain for usable storage.
  • Living Learning Communities (LLCs) will be filled on a first come first serve basis.  If you select a Living Learning Community, please know that will take precedence over room type.  Roommate requests for the LLCs should match Living Learning Community requests to ensure an assignment together.  Residence Life will be making the assignments for LLC requests and will notify the student of their assignment in June/July.
  •  Applications completed by June 1 will have the ability to select their own room (does not include singles or LLCs) and are guaranteed an assignment within the freshmen focused suites.  Applications submitted after this date will be assigned by the Residence Life office.
  • To receive priority  consideration for medical housing accommodations, students should contact the office of Disability Support Services to have their recommendation in to Residence Life before June 1. 
Last Updated 4/9/19