Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities provide an opportunity for students to live together with common interests and provide a platform on developing lasting friendships. 

Living Learning Communities and locations:

  • NEW! Animal Friendly
    Bring a small pet that fits the requirements to reside with you while you attend CU. Only small animals and caged animals are permitted with vet paperwork, consent to follow the small pet policy (will be posted soon), and a non-refundable pet fee of $200. Available to upperclassmen only in Brook Trout, Reinhard Villages.
  • Business/Information Sciences
    Join other students who will be studying and completing their courses in the College of Business and Information Sciences. Offered to freshmen and upperclassmen in Suites on Main North.
  • Discover U
    For exploratory freshmen, in any major or undeclared, that provides an opportunity to access your skills and values at Clarion University. Offered to freshmen in Suites on Main South.
  • NEW! Gaming                                                                                                                        Premier community for students who are interested in all aspects of gaming. It affords you the opportunity to live and learn with students who are passionate about games - whether it be console games, board games, or any other kind of game.  The Gaming LLC seeks to provide a central hub for campus gamers in an accepting and friendly atmosphere. Gaming LLC seeks to integrate the social aspects of gaming as well as to involve the campus community in gaming events. In this community, you will do more than just relax and have fun; you will learn to apply the skills you use when playing games for your personal and academic growth. Playing games can enhance your communication, leadership, and teamwork skills, fostering soft skills that will help you in your studies and future endeavors. A dedicated space with some consoles and games is provided, so everyone can play games together regardless of whether or not they have a gaming environment on campus.  Students will also be able to suggest events that they would like to bring to the Community to further their knowledge and understanding of games.  Offered to freshmen and upperclassmen in Suites on Main North.
  • NEW! Judgement Free
    Explore diversity, acceptance, social justice, gender inclusivity with fellow residents. Offered to freshmen and upperclassmen in Suites on Main North.
  • NEW! Quiet Living
    24 hour quiet hours will be enforced so residents can enjoy a quiet lifestyle in singles or doubles. Offered to Freshmen and Upperclassmen in Suites on Main North.
  • Health Sciences and Human Services
    Share a floor with students that are within the College of Health Sciences and Human Services. Be connected with faculty in the department and programs geared toward those areas. Offered to freshmen and upperclassmen in Campus View.
  • Honors
    Connect with other Honors students and attend programs tailored to your interests. Offered to freshmen and upperclassmen in Suites on Main North.
  • Live Active
    Join students of all majors who are interested in wellness, living healthy lifestyles and who enjoy fitness and recreation. Programs provide insight into a number of dimensions of healthy living, including physical activity and mental wellness. Offered to freshmen and upperclassmen in Campus View Suites.
    Students can live together majoring in biology, biochemistry, geo-science, mathematics, physics, pre-professional sciences programs, engineering and psychology.  They will interact with others who have similar majors and interests
    to link their knowledge from coursework to life experiences outside of the classroom. Students are encouraged to collaborate to form study groups, develop mentoring relationships, attend available tutoring, and discuss current events as they affect scientific and mathematic discoveries, ethics, and the environment. Offered to freshmen and upperclassmen in Campus View Suites.


Fall 2019-2020 LLC Application - Please fill out the PDF and submit it to Residence Life at
Last Updated 1/18/19