Due Dates, Late Fees & Holds

Billing & Due Dates

Fall 2018 initial charges were billed July 27, 2018, and are due August 24, 2018.

Winter Intersession 2018 initial billing will be processed the second week of November and due December 14, 2018.

Spring 2019 initial billing will be processed the week of December 10th and due January 11, 2019.

Regular monthly billings are prepared the first full week of each month and due by the 1st for the following month.


Late Fees and Holds

Late payment fees are assessed to invoice amounts equal to, or greater than, $100, that are not paid by the invoice due date.  Following are the late fees charged based on the unpaid invoice amount:


Unpaid Balance          Late Fee

$100 - $999.99                  $10

$1000 - $1999.99              $20

$2000 - $3999.99              $40

$4000+                                $50

Maximum Late Fees per Semester = $150


Financial registration holds are posted to students with delinquent accounts of $1,000 or more during the semester. Students will not be permitted to register for courses until the registration hold is released.

Once the semester has ended, financial holds are placed on all delinquent accounts regardless of the balance. Students will not be permitted to register for courses, add additional courses, or receive academic records (transcripts and diplomas) until the entire balance has been paid.

For the complete policy on late fees, holds and the collection of student accounts, please visit www.clarion.edu/policies.


Returned Payment fee

In the event your payment is returned unpaid for any reason, a $40 Return Check Fee will be added to your MyClarion student account and a registration hold will be placed on the account until repayment is received.  Repayment should be made with a certified check or money order. Please include a copy of the notification you receive, make the check payable to Clarion University, and mail to:

Clarion University
Student Financial Services
840 Wood Street
Clarion, PA 16214

At the discretion of the university, if an account has more than two returned paper checks or electronic checks, payments will need to be made in the following manner: 

  • Online:   Debit or credit (convenience fee applies to credit)
  • Mail:  Certified check or money order
  • In person:  Certified check, money order, cash or debit
Last Updated 12/10/18