Payment Options

Students can review fully detailed billing and payment information by signing on to their Clarion University MyClarion account. Questions concerning this information should be directed to the Student Financial Services office at 800 672 7171 (menu option 4), or 814 393 1071.

Students must know their Clarion ID number in order to discuss their account with the Student Financial Services staff. Students can obtain their Clarion ID by logging into their MyClarion account, going to the Student Center, and clicking on "Demographic Data."  The student ID is listed at the top.

Student account information cannot be discussed with anyone other than the student unless the student completes and signs a Release of Information form designating to whom the information can be released. The form should be completed, signed, and submitted to the Registrar's Office.

Billing Information

Clarion University provides electronic billing to all students via the MyClarion online student information system. Students are notified through their university email when an invoice has been posted to their account. The university does not mail invoices to enrolled students. Students should print and provide invoices to other parties as needed from their MyClarion account. Instructions for viewing and printing invoices can be found here.  For more detailed billing information, students can go to their "Account Activity" screen found in the drop down box of the Student Center's Finances section.

Initial fall and spring semester invoices are provided to students approximately 30 days prior to the start of the semester.  Initial winter intersession and summer session 1, 2, and 3 invoices are provided to students approximately 10 days before these sessions. The university sends postcard notification of initial semester or session billing to the student's home address.

1098-T Information

Form 1098-T is used as a guide in the preparation of your taxes. Its purpose is to assist you in determining your eligibility for an education tax credit.  For more information on Education Tax Credits, visit the IRS website:  

Clarion University has partnered with ECSI to produce the 1098-T forms. ECSI will mail your tax form to the permanent address you have listed in your MyClarion Student Center.  You also have access to the form online via ECSI or through your MyClarion Student Center.  

Access via ECSI

ECSI is responsible for the processing, presentment, issuance, and submission of the 1098-T forms. ECSI's website may be accessed at anytime for information concerning your 1098-T at ECSI Tax Document Information. The customer service line for tax document questions via phone is 1-866-428-1098. ECSI’s customer service e-mail address is

They are able to answer questions regarding:

  • Whether a 1098-T form was generated
  • Where the form may have been mailed to
  • Accessing the forms electronically on ECSI’s Student/Borrower website
  • General questions regarding the 1098-T form itself

Access via MyClarion

  • Log onto your MyClarion account at
  • Click on the “Student Center” tab.
  • In the “Finances” section, click on “View 1098-T” in the drop down box.  Click the arrows next to it.
  • Next, click on the desired year.

1098-T corrections

If you have any questions regarding the financial information on your 1098‐T or need address corrections, please contact the Clarion 1098‐T response line directly at 814‐393‐1521.

2016 1098-T Notice

 Payment Options

Clarion University has the following payment options available for paying tuition, fees, room, meal plan, and other charges.  Please note that we cannot accept payments over the phone.

Online Payments - Students have access to these payment options via their MyClarion Student Center.  Click on "Make an Online Payment" in the Finances section.  It will then transfer you to the Clarion University Online Payment Processor.  If you are having issues with your web browser, please follow the instructions found on our Web Browser Help page.  Visual instructions on making online payments can be viewed here.

  • E-check - Pay online with a check.  Fill out the online form just like you were writing a check.  There are no added fees for this payment method.
  • Debit Card - Pay online with a debit card.  There are no added fees for this payment method.
  • Credit Card - Pay online with a credit card using a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card.  As of November 1st, 2013, a convenience fee of 2.75% applies to this payment option.  Information about the convenience fee can be found here.
  • Parent/Guest Online Payments - Parents and guests must first be authorized by students to use the above mentioned online payment options.  Students can complete this authorization online via their MyClarion account.
  • Flywire - For international students


Payments By Mail - Check payments may be mailed to:

Clarion University
Student Financial Services
840 Wood St.
Clarion, PA 16214  

Please make sure to include the student's Clarion ID number in the check's memo field and the invoice stub found at the bottom of the invoice, if available.


Payments In the Office -  Cash, check, or debit card payments can be made in person in the Student Financial Services office located on the first floor of Becht Hall.  Credit card payments cannot be made in the office.


Returned Payments - In the event your payment is returned unpaid for any reason, a $40 Return Check Fee will be added to your MyClarion student account, and a registration hold will be placed on the account until repayment is received.


Tuition Management Systems monthly payment plan (TMS) 

TMS Logo

Students may choose to use an interest-free payment plan managed by Tuition Management Systems (TMS). The payment plan makes paying your student account more manageable as it allows you to divide costs not covered by financial aid into smaller monthly payments, due by the 10th of every month.  A parent or student may choose to set up a 5-month plan for one semester or a 12-month (begins in June) or 10-month (begins in August) plan for the entire year.  Since we do not typically know what tuition and fees will be until the middle of July, you will need to use an estimated amount to set up the 12-month payment plan.  Once you know what the costs will be for the upcoming year, you can call TMS to adjust your budget.  Please remember that we invoice for each semester.  The fall invoice is typically available in July, and the spring invoice is typically available in December.  Therefore, the first invoice you receive for the term will only reflect the charges for the classes in which a student is currently enrolled.

Please note:  TMS does not have access to student accounts; parents/students are responsible for arranging the proper amount to be paid through the payment plan.  If you have not budgeted enough with the payment plan or paid by the 10th of the month, students can still receive late fees and/or registration holds from the university.  If your account has been paid in full and you still have a remaining budget with TMS, it is your responsibility to cancel your plan with TMS to avoid any late fees or registration holds.  Please refer to your MyClarion Student Center account to review your balance and view your invoice.  

Additional information regarding the payment plan is available at or by calling 800 356 8329. 

Calculate your monthly payment by using the TMS Monthly Payment Planner.


Fee Waivers for Students Assigned to an Internship, EXternship, Student Teaching, or Similar Program

Students assigned to an internship, externship, student teaching, or similar program outside of a 50-mile radius of the Clarion Campus are exempt from the Student Center and Recreation Center fees and are only required to pay one-half of the Student Activity fee. The student must notify the Student Financial Services office by completing the 50 Mile Exemption Form and submitting it from their official Clarion University email account ( to receive the appropriate reduction of their fees. 


Student Tuition Deferment Agreement for Employer Reimbursement Programs

Is your employer paying for a part or all of your education?  The Student Tuition Deferment Plan was developed by the university to financially assist students with their educational goals.  The purpose of the plan is to enable students to defer 70% of their tuition charges until 30 days after the conclusion of the semester.  The remaining 30% will be paid by utilizing the Tuition Management Systems payment plan, specifically created for employer reimbursement programs.  Students must complete the Student Tuition Deferment Agreement and complete the requirements listed on the form.

Please note:  Clarion University does not offer a Summer Employer Reimbursement plan. Students may enroll in the regular summer 5-month payment plan with TMS. You do not need to submit the above form for the summer term.


using fta/eap federal tuition assistance 

Review GoArmyEd, Virtual Education Centers (Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard) for basic information and instructions on how to apply.  All FTA applications are processed at the unit level.  Contact your chain of command to determine who is the correct POC (this is typically the Readiness/Retention NCO).  Tuition/fees not covered by TA are the responsibility of the student and are due by the date indicated on the student invoice.

All approved TA Authorization Forms should be submitted to Clarion University, attn.: Sharon Bauer

  • Fax (814) 393-2520
  • E-Mail
  • Deliver to 114 Becht Hall – Becht Hall Lobby

For additional information, please refer to these detailed instructions.

For information about financial aid, please refer to the Veterans section of our Financial Aid Eligibility webpage.

Last Updated 9/22/17