Additional Course Fees

Beginning with the fall 2016 semester, students in all Nursing (NURS) and Communication Speech Disorders (CSD) courses will pay a $36.30 per credit fee for those high-demand, high-cost offerings.

In addition, students in science, technology, mathematics, and health (STEM-H) related courses – in which a lab, fieldwork , or clinical experience is required – will pay a $36.30 per credit fee to cover a portion of the costs of these experiences.  These STEM-H related courses include:

Athletic Training

ATSW272 Acute Care of Athletic Injuries
ATSW386 Principles of Exercise Training


BCHM463 Biochem Lab


BIOL165 Prin of Biology I Lab
BIOL166 Prin of Biology II Lab
BIOL202 Principles of Ecology
BIOL203 Cell Biology
BIOL260 Microbiology
BIOL261 Human Anatomy & Physiology I Lab
BIOL262 Human Anatomy & Physiology II Lab
BIOL305 General Zoology
BIOL307 General Mycology
BIOL341 General Microbiology
BIOL375 Herpetology
BIOL404 Genomics And Bioinformatics
BIOL406 Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering
BIOL407 Advances in Manipulation of Cell Fate
BIOL410 Field Meth in Environ Biol
BIOL411 Wildlife Ecology & Mgmt
BIOL425 Fisheries Biology
BIOL427 Field Botany
BIOL428 Ornithology
BIOL440 Environmental Microbiology
BIOL444 Immunology
BIOL446 Pathogenic Microbiol
BIOL450 Cell Physiology
BIOL451 Animal Physiology
BIOL459 Physiological Ecology
BIOL460 Comp Vertebrate Anatomy
BIOL473 Freshwater Ecology
BIOL474 Ecol of Aquatic Insects
BIOL475 Wetland Ecology
BIOL477 Forest Ecology
BIOL483 Molecular Biology
BIOL484 Quantitiative Methods in Environmental Biology
BIOL485 Biotechnology
BIOL493 Comm & Ecosys Dynamics
BIOL499 Undergrad Res in Biology


CHEM161 Chem Prin I Lab
CHEM162 Chem Principles II Lab
CHEM163 General Chem I Lab
CHEM164 General Chem II Lab
CHEM261 Organic Chem I Lab
CHEM262 Organic Chem II Lab
CHEM264 Intro Org Chem Lab
CHEM266 Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM271 Intro Inorganic Chem
CHEM361 Intro Analytical Chem Lab
CHEM363 Analytical Chem I Lab
CHEM364 Phys Chem I Lab
CHEM365 Physical Chem II Lab
CHEM366 Inorganic Chemistry II
CHEM367 Inorganic Chemistry II Lab
CHEM368 Analytical Chem Lab II
CHEM461 Adv Inorg/Org Lab
CHEM465 Chemical Research
CHEM466 Chemical Research

Computer Information Science

CIS230 Practicum in CIS
CIS411 Systems Development Project

Environmental Biology

ENVR490 Sem In Environ & Society


ES150 Physical Geologyw/Lab
ES250 Historical Geology w/Lab
ES255 Geomorphology With Lab
ES330 Hydrogeology With Lab
ES345 Computer Cartog w/Lab
ES350 Structural Geology
ES360 Mineralogy
ES370 Petrology
ES390 Strat & Sedime Petrology
ES404 Soils With Lab
ES455 Field Methods in Geoscience
GEOG345 Computer Cartog w/Lab
GEOG404 Soils With Lab

Industrial Technology

INDT290 Advanced Manufacturing


MARS320 Marine Geology
MARS403 Research Diver Methods
MARS471 Scan Electron Microscop Marine


PH251 General Physics
PH252 General Physics II
PH268 Intro to Ph I Lab
PH269 Physics Lab II
PH371 Experimental Physics I
PH372 Experimental Physics II
PH455 Analog Electronics
PH498 Research In Physics I
PH499 Research In Physics II

Respiratory Care

RESP101 Introduction to Respiratory Care
RESP102 Intermediate Respiratory Care
RESP201 Cardio Anatomy and Physiology
RESP204 Advanced Respiratory Care
RESP205 Mech Ventilation & Crit Care
RESP207 Mech Vent & Critical Care II
RESP220 Clinical Applic of Resp Care
RESP221 Clinical Appl Resp Care III
RESP222 Clinical Appl Resp Care IV

Last Updated 10/10/17