Emergency Telecommuting Data Collection Form


  • For background, please refer to your "Telecommuting Assignment " memo from Human Resources
  • For assistance in determining the operating system of your home computer, please see our home operating system page.
***** Employee Information ******
***** Employee IT Equipment Information *****
***** The following information is only required if you do not have a university laptop and you are not requesting a university laptop *****
***** Employee Remote Access Needs *****

For the question below...

General Access:  Many Clarion IT resources are available off-campus with no special access requirements beyond an internet connection.  These services include E-mail (via Outlook Web App), MyClarion (PeopleSoft) Student Information System, SAP Employee Self-Service, Desire2Learn Learning Management System, Zoom (Web-based video conferencing), Help Desk Resources.

Full Remote Access is full access to the employee's university computer including Clarion Shares, files on the local drive of the work computer, specialized software such as SAP, and OmniUpdate CMS for updating the Clarion web site

***** University Phone Service Information *****

For the question below, select all that apply...

Voice Mail to Email is an option that will send you an e-mail anytime a voice mail is left for your extension.

Mobile Twinning is a feature that will forward calls to an alternate number.   If an inbound call rings to your office extension, it will also ring an external number, typically a cell phone number. You may answer the call from either device. Mobile Twinning is either on or off -- once set it can only be disabled from your university phone set.

Advanced applies to selected offices on campus that have existing complex phone trees.  This option is typically used for users that answer multiple phone numbers, hunt group calls, or have a business reason to make outbound calls from the University phone system while off-campus
***** Other Special Requirements *****

If you have other special IT requirements for remote access, please describe below.



Last Updated 3/18/20