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dr daleGreetings Golden Eagles:

We, as members of the PennWest Clarion community, commit to fostering an environment of learning where all thrive. Additionally, we are obliged to train all university students regarding Title IX. We, all of us, must help end unlawful discrimination and sexual violence in our community

We want an informed and well prepared university community. This is a very serious topic as studies have indicated young adults (18-24) are a high risk population for sexual assaults and sexual violence.

This training also provides guidance for bystanders and resources for reporting and resolving violence. All students are encouraged to report any activity they find concerning.  Please be aware that this course contains information about sexual assault and violence, which may be triggering to survivors. You can take a break at any time during the course. The program will bookmark your spot so you can return later.

Thank you for investing the time to become informed and working toward a better tomorrow.

Dr. Dale, President


Amy Salsgiver


Last Updated 8/19/22