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Office of Field Services

Welcome to the Office of Field Services Page (OFS)


The Mission of Office of Field Services:

The mission of the Office of Field Services (OFS) is to coordinate the Stages of Field Experiences throughout the teacher certification candidate's undergraduate program, the externship program for students in Communication Sciences & Disorders, and the internship program for students in the Rehabilitative Sciences programs. The Office of Field Services is located in 102 SPED Annex. The OFS is open throughout the calendar year. This Website provides access to contact information, relevant documents, important dates, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Getting Started

As you prepare to leave campus to do a field observation, block experience, internship, or become a student teacher be aware that each activity shares several things in common.

First, you should be a representative of the kind of teacher candidate Clarion University prepares for the profession.  Demonstrate that your association with CUP has guided you in developing the attitudes, ethics, and values that will make you a successful, caring professional. Show you have the ability to develop positive relationships with students, parents, colleagues, clients, and administrators. Serve as a model of mature adulthood to the students you come in contact with, working effectively with those from diverse backgrounds to meet their needs.

Secondly, for all field experiences, you must address and complete all requirements necessary to comply with the law and interact with the population you serve. This means paperwork! Some forms only need a signature while the clearances involve a fee. Most will need to be updated.  Bookmark this website as the following pages and links will be a valuable resource to you as you prepare for each level of field experience.  

We will be checking the following:

  • Paperwork (including due dates)
  • Testing
  • Clearances
  • Certification

Do You have ALL FOUR Clearances REQUIRED for Student Teaching?

Not Sure? Click here to find out everything you need to know:


  • Act 114 FBI
  • Act 24 Criminal Disclosure
  • Act 33 Child Abuse
  • Act 34 PA Criminal Record
  • Act 126 Mandated Reporter


Paperwork Information

All of the following information must be updated and on file in the Office of Field Services before your field experience (including student teaching) can begin.

Personal & Emergency Contact  Form. Completing this form is the responsibility of the student. Send this personal data form to each assigned cooperating teacher prior to the first day of the student teaching experience.

Confidentiality Form for Teacher Candidates -
All teacher candidates must complete this form before beginning any Field Experience Stage.

Confidentiality Form for Rehabilitative Sciences Students -
All rehabilitative Sciences students must complete this form and submit it to the OFS, 102 Stevens Hall, before beginning the internship.

Professional Dispositions Agreement Form

Certification Testing Policy Statement

*Pennsylvania Teaching certification cannot be obtained prior to passing the required tests.

Praxis Information

All teacher candidates must have a 3.0 QPA or higher to graduate and be eligible for a PDE teaching certificate.

** If any of these informational items are not current or in the Office of Field Services by the given dates you will need to complete your student teaching experience the following semester.

Important for Teacher Certification!

  1. Upon successful completion of student teaching, teacher candidates will need to complete the online application for Pennsylvania certification through the use of T.I.M.S. (see below).
  2. A $200.00 fee will be collected by the Pennsylvania Department of Education through the T.I.M.S. program. (Click to access and learn about T.I.M.S.)
  3. Field Services Office staff will continue to compile the certification list and compare it to the T.I.M.S. database to ensure all requirements for certification have been met.

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Glossary of terms:

  • PECT is Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests (passing scores are  needed to be certified as a teacher)
  • PAPA is a Pre-service Academic Performance Assessment (basic skills tests taken through Pearson)
  • CORE tests (basic skills tests taken through ETS)
  • PDE Pennsylvania Department of Education

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Contact the Office of Field Services with any questions.

Last Updated 9/19/22