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B.A. Philosophy

Philosophy is unlike other disciplines in the breadth of its subject matter. Since philosophy discusses all aspects of life, it provides an opportunity to think about topics that range from the existence of God to the confirmation of scientific theories. Additionally, philosophy asks the “big” questions that form the foundation of our belief systems and are rarely discussed. Philosophy challenges you to answer questions ranging from “What is the nature of consciousness?” and “What makes life truly meaningful?” to “Why should I be moral?” Philosophy can help you to understand those issues that are most fundamental to your experiences. The Clarion University faculty can provide you with an experience you cannot get from most other departments of philosophy—two very different philosophical methods. Clarion’s faculty members are trained in analytic philosophy, the most popular style of philosophy within the United States, as well as continental philosophy, one of the most popular European styles, giving students the chance to use two very different approaches in their own studies. Thus, studying philosophy at Clarion will help you to understand those issues most fundamental to your own personal existence from a broad philosophical perspective. This program is offered only at the Clarion campus.

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Minor in Philosophy

No brief definition expresses the richness and variety of philosophy. It may be described in many ways. It is a reasoned pursuit of fundamental truths, a quest for understanding, a study of principles of conduct. It seeks to establish standards of evidence, to provide rational methods of resolving conflicts, and to create techniques for evaluating ideas and arguments. A minor in philosophy is 18 credits. This minor is offered only at the Clarion campus.


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