Who do you want to be?


Do you want a career in business, which offers job security and competitive wages? If so, Clarion University is the right choice for you. Our graduates have gone on to Main Street and Wall Street from start-ups to Big Four accounting firms.

Our program also helps students transition into graduate programs and prepare them for advanced certifications. In addition, the AACSB International accreditation places Clarion's business education in the top five percent of all business programs in the world. This accreditation tells future employers that our graduates have succeeded in a program that has the relevance and the rigor to meet the highest standards.

So, whether you want to be a CEO, CFO, president, vice president, partner, chief economist, venture capitalist, entrepreneur or accountant, Clarion is prepared to help you realize your career dreams.

The business program has eight majors, six minors and a MBA program. Clarion also offers pre-professional programs as a way to pursue a career in fields such as engineering, law and business administration. It is more than just course work and majors; it is the guiding and instructing of the student who wishes more: to be more.

Clarion University Admissions

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Last Updated 5/27/20