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Dr. Eric Lewis


  • BS Biochemistry, BA Chemistry – North Carolina State University, NC
  • PhD Molecular Medicine/Translational Research – Wake Forest University, NC
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Oncology/Apoptosis – Wake Forest University, NC


  • PHSC 111 Physical Science – Chemistry
  • CHEM 163 General Chemistry I Lab
  • CHEM 164 General Chemistry II Lab
  • BCHM 453 Biochemistry I
  • BCHM 463 Biochemistry Lab
  • BCHM 454 Biochemistry II


Currently, my lab is studying the enzymatic properties of apoptosis inducing factor (AIF), a mitochondrial protein with proven duality in cellular homeostasis. Increases in AIF expression and mitochondrial release can be instrumental in programmed cell death pathways. However, organisms with low levels of AIF suffer from both cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disorders. In addition, increased expression and enzymatic function of AIF has been directly linked to the progression and invasiveness of certain types of cancer. My lab, both independently and with collaboration, is working to elucidate the enzymatic activity of both wild type and mutant AIF in the context of in vitro and in vivo studies that mimic healthy and apoptotic cellular conditions. Our ultimate goal is to provide   insight into the biochemical pathways in which this protein participates, and add to the understanding and treatment's of multiple disease states.


  • E.M. Lewis, A.S. Wilkinson, J.S. Jackson, S. Varambally, A.M. Chinnayan, and J.C. Wilkinson. The Enzymatic Activity of Apoptosis Inducing Factor Supports   Energy Metabolism Benefiting the Growth and Invasiveness of Advanced Prostate Cancer Cells. J. Biol Chem. 2012 Dec21; 287(52): 43862-75.
  • N.L. Reierson, G.C. Stewart, and E.M. Lewis. Exploring the Efficiency of Apoptosis Inducing Factor NADH Oxidase Activity at Various Cellular Compartmental pH. State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research and   Creativity Symposium. Poster. November,2012.
  • E.M. Lewis, A.S. Wilkinson, N.Y. Davis, D.A. Horita, and J.C. Wilkinson.   Non-degradative Ubiquitination of Apoptosis Inducing Factor (AIF) by X-linked   Inhibitor of Apoptosis at a Residue Critical for AIF-mediated Chromatin Degradation. Biochemistry. 2011 Dec27; 50(51): 11084-96
  • E.M. Lewis, Phosphorylation of p22phox on Threonine 147 enhances NADPH Oxidase activity by promoting p47phox binding. J.Biol Chem. 2010 Jan29;   285(5): 2959-2967.


  • American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • National Association of Advisors for the Health Care Professions (NAAHP)


More background on my research and also undergraduate research projects:

Past, Current, and Future Undergraduate Research Projects

  • -Determining optimal cellular conditions for enzymatic functional assays
  • -Developing in vitro protein growth and isolation protocols for enzymatic   studies
  • -Producing mutant proteins implicated in disease states and performing   enzymatic analysis
  • -Exploring in vitro and in vivo protein-protein interaction affects on enzyme   function
  • -Elucidating cellular effects resulting from mutant protein pathway   substitution
  • -Investigating post-translational protein modification in the context of   enzymatic function


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