Who do you want to be?

Physicist? Computer Information Specialist? Math Teacher?

Do you want a cutting edge career? As new careers in science, mathematics and technology emerge, Clarion University prepares students to be competitive graduates in these fields. Students engage in advanced coursework, hands-on research, secure internships and work with the latest technology in our Science and Technology Center.

The Gregory Barnes Center for Biotechnology Business Development also plays an important role in cutting edge research and development – as well as the community’s future. The center contains incubator space for newly formed biotechnology and nanotechnology companies and office space for the Center for Applied Research and Intellectual Property Development.

Opportunities are endless in fields where new discoveries are still being made. And, our students are prepared to meet the challenges of these growing fields, whether they are in a laboratory making discoveries or a classroom shaping young minds.


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Chemistry: Biochemistry Concentration

Chemistry: Cooperative Engineering Concentration

Ecology/ Evolutionary Biology

Environmental Biology

Environmental Geoscience

Geographic Information Science


Liberal Studies: Geography and Sustainable Planning Concentration

Middle Level Education with Special Education: Science Concentration

Middle Level Education: Science Concentration

Molecular Biology/Biotechnology



Physics: Astrophysics Concentration

Physics: Cooperative Engineering Concentration

Secondary Education: Biology

Secondary Education: Chemistry

Secondary Education: Earth and Space Science

Secondary Education: General Science

Secondary Education: Physics



Mathematics: Cooperating Engineering Concentration

Middle Level Education with Special Education: Mathematics Concentration

Middle Level Education: Mathematics Concentration

Secondary Education: Mathematics


Computer Science

Education/Technology Concentration

Information Systems

Medical Technology

Technology Leadership

Administrative and Industrial Technology (Associate's)

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