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The professional, student, and volunteer staff of the Office of Intramurals, Recreation and Club Sports assumes NO LIABILITY for accidents or injuries sustained while traveling to or from, or participating in, this or any recreational activity. Yearly health examinations are strongly recommended. University policy requires that students have medical insurance coverage to be eligible for participation in university-sanctioned, sponsored, and/or approved activities. The assumption is that students who are participating in such activities are covered by medical insurance, and proof of this coverage can be produced upon the university’s request.

By registering for Intramural activities, each participant agrees to abide by the Clarion University Intramural Code of Conduct and participate in such a way as to promote the mission of the Intramural program. FAILURE TO ABIDE BY THESE RULES MAY BE REASON FOR SUSPENSION FROM FURTHER ACTIVITIES.

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Last Updated 3/4/20