Clarion Cash

Eagle Dollars featuring Clarion Cash

Are you like most people and no longer carry cash? Now it’s as simple as using your student ID which stores your Eagle Dollars pre-paid debit account. It’s a program called Clarion Cash and it is here for your convenience on campus and at downtown stores and restaurants. It is the cashless way to pay for restaurant take-out, delivery, haircuts, health/beauty items and much more.


  • Easy  - No need to carry cash, checks, ATM and credit cards.
  • Off  Campus - Now you can use it off campus at your favorite places.
  • Automatic  - Balances roll over each semester/year, your money is there as long as you are a Clarion University student! 
  • Debt  Free - Not a credit card, so when you buy... you own, not owe.
  • Local  - Your parents may make deposits knowing you can only spend at places  approved by the university, both on and off campus.
  • Safe  - ID Card lost or stolen? You can lock your card using GET Funds or by  contacting the ID office (236 Egbert) at 814-393-2352.

Semester Student Spending

Not sure how much to add in Eagle Dollars with the addition of Clarion Cash? Here is an estimate of what students may spend at Clarion University per semester using Eagle Dollars, including Clarion Cash:

Textbooks $450
School Supplies $350
Restaurants and Delivery $250
University Apparel $50
Entertainment $50
Total $1,150


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 Contact Information

Center for Residence Life Services 236 Egbert Hall 840 Wood Street  Clarion, PA 16214 (+1 814 393 2352 or +1 814 393 1860 fax) 

Hours of Operation 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Phone: +1 814 393 2352, Fax: +1 814 393 1860

Last Updated 3/4/20