finance icon Grow Your Business

Now that your business is established and in place, you're probably finding out that you face increasingly complex issues requiring more sophisticated research, market analysis and strategic planning. In addition, you are probably thinking about expanding your business through overseas markets and/or government procurement. The following questions are probably just a few that you are wrestling with:

The PennWest Clarion Small Business Development Center works with existing businesses to assist with their expansion, help them identify changes to handle their growth, and put them in the best place for future growth and success. Growth issues such as financing, finding new markets, dealing with personnel issues, and strategic planning are addressed both in our educational programs and in one-on-one consulting sessions.

The best news a business owner can hear is that demand is high. The worst news a business owner can hear is that their business cannot meet the demand. Utilizing the consulting services of the PennWest Clarion SBDC can help put your business on course for steady growth at a pace that meets your market's demand.

In addition to helping you grow your business within existing markets the PennWest Clarion SBDC can also help you identify new markets. The PennWest Clarion SBDC offers the following services to help you expand your business:

government icon Government Marketing Assistance

Consultants with the SBDCs can help you to identify contract leads to sell to federal, state, and local governments. Services include a computerized bid lead program as well as assistance with marketing products and services to government agencies, proposal preparation and contract compliance. Learn more.

globe iconInternational Business Assistance

The international marketplace offers a world of opportunities. International business consultants can help you to export your company's products and services around the globe. Consultants will also help you to avoid common pitfalls of international trade such as import/export restrictions, foreign trade regulations, and documentation. Learn more.

technology iconTechnology Commercialization Assistance

The SBDCs can help you to develop and commercialize new technologies, helping your company to diversify your existing product lines or penetrate new markets. Consultants can also help you to obtain federal funding through the Small Business Innovative Research program for technology products. Learn more.

success impactEnvironmental Management Assistance

The Pennsylvania SBDCs' Environmental Management Assistance Program (EMAP) is a no-cost, strictly confidential statewide service. By contacting your local SBDC you can take advantage of this service. Environmental consultants are located throughout Pennsylvania