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Today’s world is changeable.  Most people change jobs, even careers, at least half a dozen times during their lives.  It is increasingly important that you graduate with a toolbox that enables you to do many different things.  With a degree in physics, you demonstrate that you are armed with logic, critical thinking, and sharp cognitive ability, all skills that potential employers value enormously.   At Clarion University, you will learn to think creatively, use mathematics and the scientific method of investigation to study the world we live in, and learn to effectively communicate your ideas. 

Clarion University offers several degree options to prepare you for graduate school or a career in industry, government laboratories, and education:

The physics department supports many degree options using state-of-the-art facilities including telescopes and research-grade microscopes. Students will be given the opportunity to conduct research with faculty in fully-equipped laboratories. Our faculty members include Dr. Vasudeva Aravind, Dr. John Heard, Dr. Chunfei Li and Dr. Sharon Montgomery.

Besides the Physics Department office and standard classrooms, we also offer

  • a study area for physics students

  • a Computer-Based Teaching Laboratory for introductory physics

  • an upper-level laboratories in electronics, microscopy and nanotechnology

  • an upper-level laboratory for students

  • a machine shop, and several stockrooms

  • a state-of-the-art planetarium

  • an upper-level research lab in plasma physics

  • a computer laboratory for astrophysics research


Clarion University Planetarium