David McFarland
David McFarland
The goal of Clarion University's Office of Scholarships is to support the academic aspirations of prospective and current students. The office is dedicated to helping students financially access a quality education.

Most of Clarion's scholarships are funded by way of private support through the Clarion University Foundation, Inc., and are overseen by the Office of Scholarship Administration within the division of Enrollment Management. The university has a director of scholarships who oversees the selection process for recipients of the merit and endowed scholarships.  

All students also are encouraged to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, which increases your odds of receiving additional financial support through grants and other types of financial aid. When researching scholarships, be aware of scholarship deadlines, scholarship contacts and certain preferences established by some donors.

For more information or any questions you have regarding scholarships, contact, David McFarland, director of scholarships, at 814 393 2108. Follow him on Twitter @Clarionschlshps and read his blog.

The types of scholarships available to Clarion University prospective and returning students include:

  • Athletic Scholarships: Athletic awards are selected by coaches of our athletic teams. Some athletic scholarships are endowed.
  • Merit Scholarships: Merit Scholarships are available to recognize the academic achievement of high school seniors. Please note, those who receive merit scholarships are required to fill out the FAFSA. Merit scholarships also exist for transfer students.
  • Endowed Scholarships: Endowed Scholarships encompass awards for specific majors, awards for students from various school districts, awards for student involvement and other criteria.
  • External Scholarships: External Scholarships are those unique awards given by organizations, non-profits, businesses and philanthropies to help the next generation excel.
  • Local Scholarships: Clarion County Scholarships

raise me logo Raise.me is a unique program that helps students whose parents did not go to college attain  scholarships, thus making college more affordable.  Students are rewarded for their high  school successes (i.e. good grades, perfect attendance, visiting colleges, and achieving a                                                        certain score on the SAT or ACT exams).

Last Updated 6/12/18