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Library Reserve Request Form

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Clarion University Libraries Release has a tool to expedite the processing of reserve requests.

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An on-line, fillable PDF form is available! The advantages of this form are:

  • Easy access! Go to:

  • Complete the instructor and class information, then use the Acrobat Save icon (it looks like a floppy disk) to save the partially completed form to your computer. Consider using the course number in the file name so you can easily find it again. The next time you want to place an item on reserve for that course, you won't have to fill in the instructor and course information again!

  • Answers are typed - not handwritten - so everything is very readable.

  • Instructor can print a copy of the completed document to submit with hardcopy reserve material.

  • Instructor can send the reserve request with a click of the mouse! When you submit the form via e-mail, Acrobat Reader hands the form to your e-mail program to send to You can check your e-mail program's "sent" folder to confirm that the document was sent.

  • Instructor can keep a copy of the reserve request by printing it or saving an electronic copy to his or her computer.

  • The form is designed to make processing of the request more accurate and more efficient at the Library.

The form is available at

Go ahead! Fill in the form!

If you would like to make comments or suggestions about the on-line, fillable, PDF form, please send an email to


The Library's Reserve Request Form is a two part Word document template for submitting citation information about the E-reserve Course you are requesting. These forms are designed to be downloaded to your local desktop, completed, and printed or emailed to the Circulation Department in the Library at  

The first part, Reserve Request Form - First Page, gathers information about the course being taught, the semester it is needed, and areas to request two citations to be added.

The second part, the Reserve Request Form - Additional Pages, allows you to continue adding citations.