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On-Campus Living Frequently Asked Questions


If you cannot find the answers to your questions, please feel free to contact us at 814-393-2352.


Q.  Am I required to live on campus?

A.  Incoming undergraduates who's permanent address (the address used at the time of Admission) is greater than 30 miles from campus and who meet the following criteria are required to live on campus the first four semesters of enrollment.

Q.  When is move-in day?

A.  Students living in University Housing: move-in day for first-year students is typically the Friday before the start of the semester from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m, August 22, 2014.  Move-in Day for upperclassmen is the Sunday before the start of classes starting at 10 a.m, August 24, 2014. 

Q.  Is specialty housing available in the residence halls?

A.  Yes. Givan Hall is an all-female hall and Ballentine Hall houses all males. Wilkinson and Nair halls are co-educational buildings by wing. The suites are co-educational by room.  Reinhard Villages can have co-ed apartments, but must speak with the staff first to find out details.

Q.  When will I find out about my roommate?

A.  You can view your roommate(s) by logging into the housing application. Additional roommate information will be emailed to your Clarion Eagle email account mid-July.

Q.  What are CAs, SCAs and ADs?

A.  The CAs, SCA's and ADs are live-in staff members in the residence halls.

A Community Assistant (CA) resides on every wing or floor of each residence hall as well as each Village at Reinhard Villages.  They have been trained to provide students with information about the university, give advice concerning personal issues, plan programs and activities for their residents and ensure the safety and security of the building.

There is at least one Senior Community Assistant (SCA) per area of campus. SCAs are graduate or undergraduate students who have many of the same responsibilities as the CAs in  addition to administrative services, advising student organizations and supervising CAs and residents of the building.

There are two Assistant Directors (ADs), one for each area of campus. They are full-time professional staff who perform administrative services, advise student organizations and supervise SCA staff and CAs. They are also responsible for maintaining the discipline system in the halls.


Q.  What is the requirement for living in university-affiliated housing?

A.  University-Affiliated Housing Requirement.

Q.  How do I contract for housing?

A. The housing application is available online for students wishing to live in University Housing, which includes the traditional halls, Reinhard Villages and the hilltop Suites.  Start the process by clicking "Apply for Housing."

Q.  Can I cancel my contract?

A.   Cancellation requests must be done by completing the "Contract Release Request" form and submitting it to the Office of Residence Life Services. Requests will be reviewed by appropriate personnel and a decision will be made within 10 days of the receipt of the request. Cancellation fees may apply.

QWhat if I'm a student looking for housing beginning in January, what are my options?

A.  If you need housing to begin in the spring semester, your options are Campus View Suites, Valley View Suites, or Reinhard Villages. Our application always contains the most up-to-date information.

Q.    I wish to live off campus but do not meet the criteria required by Residence Life Services?

A.  You can complete the University Housing Requirement Request for Exemption form and return it to Residence Life Services in Room 236 Egbert Hall. Requests will be reviewed by appropriate personnel and a decision will be made within 10 days of the receipt of the request.  We advise not signing another housing contract until a decision is made and you are contacted by our staff.

Q.    What is the difference between a "Contract Release Request" and a "Request 
        for Exemption"? 

A "Contract Release Request" is submitted when a student has signed up for housing for an academic year, or any portion thereof if signed after the start of the academic year, and would like consideration to be released from their obligation, as outlined in their housing agreement.

A "Request for Exemption" would be submitted when a student does not meet the criteria outlined in the University Housing Requirement to live off campus, but wishes consideration to be exempt from the University Housing Requirement. 

An exemption request is only considered when a student has not signed up for housing, but is seeking to be exempt from the University Housing Requirement.

Q.  What happens if I drop out of school? 

A University withdrawal must be done when a student needs to drop/withdraw from all courses and leave the university.  Students who are planning to drop all courses and leave the university, for any reason, need to contact the Registrar’s Office at 814-393-2229.The Housing and Meal plan office follows the university refund policy for withdrawals. Contract cancellation fees may apply.  


Q.  Can I request a room/roommate change?

A. Room changes period begins the third week after the start of classes. Students should contact their CA, SCA, Assistant Director or the Residence Life staff to discuss their options.

Q.  What if I do not want a roommate; I want my own room?

A. Students may buyout their double room if they wish to not have a roommate. Students will be billed accordingly. 

 Q.  I want a roommate but currently do not have a roommate. Now what? 

AAfter move in, if you find yourself in a double room without a roommate you must consolidate with a student in the same residence hall in a similar situation. Consolidation starts the sixth week after the start of classes. 


Q:   Can I stay in my room during vacation and breaks?

A. Generally no; but we understand that there are exceptions. Students interested in break accommodations should contact the Residence Life Services office to discuss the situation.


Q.  How big are the rooms?

A.  Room specifications can be found here: Ballentine, Givan, Nair, Wilkinson, Suites.

Q.  What is in the room I am assigned to?  Microwave, refrigerator, phone jack, shower curtain? 

A.  Room furnishings.

Q.  What about cable, Internet, and telephone?

A.  Cable, high-speed Internet, and local phone service (You must provide your own phone) are provided in the traditional halls and hilltop suites.  Cable, high-speed internet and all utilities are provided at Reinhard Villages. Set-up instructions will be provided.

Q. How do I rent a microfridge?

A.  Clarion University has sanctioned the Refrigerator Company to rent Microfridge Combination Applications to resident students.  Contact them directly to arrange delivery at 814-835-1968 or email

Q.  What items am I allowed to bring and what items are prohibited.

A.  Suggested items to bring or not bring.

Q.  What if I want an air conditioner installed in my residence hall room?

A.  If a student wishes to live in Nair, Wilkinson, Givan or Ballentine hall and would like an air conditioner installed, he/she is required to provide a medical history as to why the air conditioner is a medical necessity.  The request must be approved by our facilities coordinator.  There is a fee of $200 to cover the installation, removal, and energy consumed.  Students are required to bring their own air conditioner. Maximum size is 5050 BTUs.



Q. What type of rules and regulations are there?

A.  In order to insure an atmosphere conducive to effective living and learning exists, there are policies and procedures, which govern living in the residence halls.  The Residence Life Handbook is available on our homepage.  It is the student's responsibility to become familiar with all the policies and procedures that are in the handbook.


Q.  What services does a residence hall provide?

A.  In addition to the services provided by the hall staff, such as checking out vacuum cleaners, residence halls are also served by a 24-hour service desk where ­students can check out games,
kitchen supplies (pots and pans, cookie sheets, kitchen utensils, etc.), and various other supplies. The hall office also controls access to the kitchen and microwaves.

Q.  Are there laundry facilities in the residence halls?

A.  Yes, all halls have laundry facilities. Cost is $1.25 per load to wash and $.75 per load to dry. Ironing boards  are available in some ­residence halls; they may also be brought to campus by any student. Laundry machines operate by coin or Eagle Dollars.

Q.  Are computers available for student use?

A.  Yes, computers are available at the service desk. There are also laptop computers students can sign out for a 24-hour time period. Laptops can be signed out to residence hall students through the Service Desk.

Q.    How can I become a Community Assistant?

A.  Complete the CA Job Application and return it to Residence Life Services.


Q.  Do the suites have the same Services as residence halls?

A.  Students residing in The Suites have the convenience of living on campus close to academic and student activities, health services, the library, and dining facilities. Rooms are furnished with two students per bedroom. All utilities are included along with high-speed Internet, cable, and local calling. Computers are available at the Service Desk and laptops can be signed out.

Like residence halls, The Suites have lounges on each floor, shared kitchen areas and laundry facilities.

Limited on-campus parking is available (permit required) with free parking at the stadium. Campus and local bus service is also free with a student ID.

Q.  How are the suites different from residence halls ?

A.  There are two students per bedroom, like residence halls, but the bedroom is separate from the living area. Two-student units have one bath while four-student units have two.

The Suites have central heat and air conditioning, carpeting, and a furnished living room per unit. In a four-person suite, each bedroom has key card access and connections for high-speed Internet and cable. Cable and Internet hook-ups are also located in the living area as is one phone jack per suite. All Residence Hall policies apply in The Suites.


Q.  What is my mailing address?

A. Students will receive mail in a mailbox they may share with their roommate located in their residence hall.  Address mail to: Student Name, Hall and Room Number, Clarion University, 840 Wood Street, Clarion PA 16214. Mail is delivered from the Clarion Borough Post Office to the Clarion University receiving department and then delivered to residents’ mailboxes, so add an extra day onto the delivery time of regular U.S. mail.

Student will receive packages at the Givan Hall Area Desk. A pick-up slip will be put in their mailbox.


Q.  Can freshmen bring cars to campus?

A.  Yes. Limited freshmen parking is available in a lot across from Nair and Wilkinson halls with a $150 annual parking permit. Freshmen may also park at Memorial Stadium free
of charge.

Free bus service is available from the stadium to campus with student ID. Bus routes also connect sites on campus to the downtown district, the mall, and the hospital. New busses have recently been added to the fleet.