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The course offerings at Clarion University of PA go through an extensive review process by the Committee on Courses and Programs of Study (CCPS).  This course offerings list is a comprehensive list of courses that could be offered; it does not mean they are currently being offered.

For a complete list of courses offered on the current or upcoming schedules, see the Registrar's page Schedule of Classes.

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Course Id (currently sorted in Ascending order) Course TitleCourse Description
HPE 101
Special Topics
HPE 105
Tai Chi for Fitness
Students have the opportunity to increase their fitness level through the low impact exercises that Tai Chi can offer. The course enables students to learn exercises that they can perform throughout their life with no need of eqipment.|
HPE 111
Health Education
Focuses on wellness and health promotion. Emphasizes healthy behaviors in each of the five Dimensions of Health (mental, physical, social, emotional, environmental). Stresses skills and application of health knowledge for optimum wellness and disease, prevention. Requirement for all students.|
HPE 120
Child Care Health Advocate
Ensuring the health and safety of children is a fundamental component of an early childhood program. This course emphasizes the promotion of the health and safety of children, including recognizing and correcting health and safety problems. This cour,se focuses on best practices in health safety and nutrition for young children.|
HPE 121
Walking For Fitness
Develop cardiorespiratory endurance through vigorous walking within individual target heart rate guidelines. Covers physical fitness principles, heart risk factors, body composition, and nutrition.|
HPE 123
Relaxation Skills
Provides experience and learning in psychophysiological regulation skills, which may significantly enhance fitness and wellness. Skeletal and visceral muscle relaxation, proper breathing technique, and flexibility are the major foci for the course., Students will learn these skills through the exercise provided in the methodologies of Diaphragmatic breathing, Meditation Progressive Relaxation, Yoga, Pilates, and Autogenic Training. Students will learn feedback and assessment measures using Bio,feedback Tools.|
HPE 125
Intro To Bicycling
Emphasizes proper fit of bike to rider, skills, and techniques of riding, basic bike maintenance, and aerobic fitness. Bicycles provided, helmet required. Each semester.|
HPE 131
Beginning Swimming
For students who cannot swim one length of the pool. Consists of drown-proofing and elementary back, breast, and freestyle strokes.|
HPE 132
Fitnes thr Pilates & Stab Ball
Students have the opportunity to increase their fitness level through strengthening their core muscles and improving their lean body mass. The course enables students to learn exercises that they can perform throughout their life with no or minimum,need of equipment.|
HPE 135
Aqua Aerobics
Achieves various aspects of physical fitness in a water medium.|
HPE 141
Emphasizes fundamental techniques, strategy, and rules.|
HPE 142
Emphasizes fundamental techniques, strategy, and rules.|
HPE 143
Emphasizes fundamental techniques, strategy, and rules.|
HPE 144
Racquetball Men
Emphasizes fundamental techniques, strategy, and rules.|
HPE 145
Racquetball Women
Emphasizes fundamental techniques, strategy, and rules.|
HPE 147
Beginning Tennis
Emphasizes fundamental techniques, strategy, and rules.|
HPE 150
Explores the skills of the paddling strokes and involves the nomenclature of modern canoes and equipment. Includes rescue techniques and how to plan a river trip.|
HPE 161
Basketball Men
Emphasizes fundamental techniques, strategy, and rules.|
HPE 162
Basketball Women
Emphasizes fundamental techniques, strategy, and rules.|
HPE 163
Volleyball Men
Emphasizes fundamental techniques, strategy, and rules.|
HPE 164
Volleyball Women
Emphasizes fundamental techniques, strategy, and rules.|
HPE 170
Step Aerobics Challenge
Expands the student's understanding of overall fitness. Students utilize step benches to obtain cardiovascular conditioning and hand weights to strengthen muscles and improve endurance. Each semester.|
HPE 181
Adapted Phy Ed
Modified or corrective physical education course for those who by reason of illness or disability are unable to participate in the more vigorous forms of physical education activities. On demand.|
HPE 185
Phys Fit And Cond
Enables students to develop a fitness and conditioning program to fit their individual needs through knowledge gained in areas such as nutrition, use of conditioning equipment, weight control, and fitness tests.|
HPE 186
Phys Fit Thru Stren Trng
Covers all basic weight lifting techniques and modern principles for developing and improving an aerobic fitness for both male and female students.|
HPE 191
Camp Outdoor Rec
Offers practical experience in the basic skills necessary for a successful camping excursion following conservation practices and techniques that retain the beauty of the wilderness ecosystems.|
HPE 220
Pers Hlth Promo & Behav Mgmt
This course will direct students to assess their personal wellness in each of the seven dimensions. The content will explore variables contributing to personal excellence and wellness and completion of a behavioral project.|
HPE 223
Phys Ed Elem Major
Required of all students majoring in elementary education. Emphasizes modern physical education skills and activities of the elementary child. Each semester.|
HPE 230
Basic/Emerg Water Safety
Students must demonstrate advanced swimming skills. Designed for participants to become familiar with the hazards of water activities, to prevent accidents, and to respond effectively if an accident does occur. Successful completion of the course lea,ds to Red Cross Certification.|
HPE 231
Interm Swimming
Multi-stroke refinement, drown-proofing, and physical conditioning through swimming. Prerequisite: Students should be able to swim one length of the pool.|
HPE 235
Intro Ele Health Concept
Introduces elementary education majors to basic health concepts and issues which elementary students face and are important for developing an appropriate understanding of health education today. Fall, annually.|
HPE 247
Interm Tennis
Emphasizes fundamental techniques, strategy, and rules.|
HPE 253
Nutrition for Healthy Living
Teaches about the different food groups and their roles in the human body, the type of chemical reactions during metabolism, the way the body makes and stores energy, and eating habits role in weight control.|
HPE 301
Special Topics
HPE 314
Required for the Athletic Coaching Program. Follows the recommendations and guidelines of the American Red Cross. Students earn an American Red Cross CPR Certificate upon successful completion of the course.|
HPE 317
First Aid Safety
Explores responsibilities and duties of the teacher in the development and teaching of programs in first aid and safety that are related to the student's school and community. Includes the American Red Cross Standard First Aid Course.|
HPE 323
Tch Hlth & Wellness Elem Sch
Required of all students majoring in elementary education. This class will focus on strategies for promoting the health of children both in and outside the educational setting. Students will learn the importance of both promoting a healthy lifestyle, within the young and the importance of advocating for a healthy environment in which all children and adults may flourish. Students will plan learning activities that will enhance the health knowledge, skills, attitudes and experience of young chil,dren. Included are labs and field experiences in an elementary school setting. Each semester.|
HPE 330
Lifeguard Training
Successful completion leads to Red Cross Certification. Prerequisite: Swim 500 yards continuously, using four different strokes, dive to a depth of nine feet, and bring up a 10-pound object, and tread water for one minute.|
HPE 335
Elem Health Curriculum
Designed for the elementary education major who may eventually work in a classroom setting. Prepares potential teachers to: (a) teach health education in a knowledgeable and effective manner, (b) demonstrate approaches for integrating health instruct,ion with other topics, and (c) familiarize the elementary major with current health curricula. Course offered on demand.|
HPE 410
Motor Learning & Development
Provides understanding of motor development and motor learning and how motor activities enhance the total development of young children. Emphasizes the design and implementation of open-ended, developmentally appropriate movement activities to stimul,ate problem solving and to be the cornerstone of an integrated curriculum. Additional focus on assessment of motor development and motor learning environments. Must be taken concurrently with ECH 320, 322, 323, 325, and 413. Prerequisites: ED 121. Ea,ch semester.|
HPE 415
Hiv/Aids Education
Experience-based course covers both the facts and the emotional issues involved in teaching about HIV infection. Psychosocial issues covered by the course include values, attitudes, and beliefs and their effects on teaching and learning about HIV, dr,ugs and drug use, and sex and sexuality. Emphasizes helping students develop the skills needed to make AIDS presentations with a non-judgmental perspective and sensitivity to the cultural diversity in their communities. Upon successful completion of,the course, students are Red Cross certified to present facts, answer questions, and identify resources for people who want more information on HIV infection, including AIDS. Prerequisite: HPE 111 or permission of the instructor. Course offered on de|