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Clarion University Scholarships

The following information illustrates the many scholarship opportunities available to students at Clarion University. If you are unclear about any of the information below, please call Admissions at 814-393-2306.

Use the tool filters below to narrow your scholarship search based on major (left drop-down menu) and audience (right drop-down menu -- select incoming freshman or current student). Another filter is Other Scholarships, not based on major (left drop-down menu) and audience (right drop-down menu - freshman or current students). Contact person for current students is the scholarship chair listed in the scholarship description of this site or handled by the chair of the academic department.

You can also access a list of the following scholarships:

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Zonta Club Scholarships

Scholarships made available by the Zonta Club of Oil City-Franklin. Award recipients must be students who reside in Venango County. Consideration is based upon the students' academic record, financial need, and participation in extracurricular activities.

Wilma Best Logue Education Scholarship

A scholarship is awarded each year to an incoming freshman planning to major in Education at Clarion University. To be considered, candidates must be seniors at Keystone High School. Knox, Pennsylvania. Student records are reviewed for this award via their admission material.

William Huber Sr. Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established by friends of William Huber, a Venango County resident, who was an exceptional guitarist and extremely active in the community. Eligible recipient must be an active community member.

William G. Miller Swimming/Diving Scholarship

This scholarship established to honor Bill Miller who was the Head Men's & Women's Swimming and Diving Coach at Clarion University from 1979-2000. After 22 years as the men's swimming coach, he finished with a duel record of 154-38, and after 13 years s the women's swimming coach, he finished with a duel record of 90-20. Eligible candidates must be a member of the Clarion University Swimming/Diving Team and meet the NCAA eligibility requirements.  Coaches will make the scholarship offer to one of those scholar athletes in his/her group of recruits/team members each year.  Prospective student athletes will automatically be considered when appropriate.

William and Olive Barnes Scholarship

This scholarship established by Greg Barnes, professor of Accountancy, in honor of his parents, William and Olive Barnes, for an incoming freshman. Applicants must have a minimum SAT score of 1100 (combined critical reading & mathematics component), and rank in the upper 10% of their high school class. First preference will be given to accounting majors then other undergraduate business majors. Contact the Office of Admissions at 814-393-2306 for additional information. New students are automatically considered via their admissions materials. Award offered prior to February 1.

William and Elizabeth Hart Scholarship

This scholarship established to honor former chemistry professor Dr. William Hart. Currently, two scholarships are awarded and can be used to pay for tuition, room, board, and some miscellaneous fees, including books. Applicants must major in mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography/earth science, or biology and have completed 45 credits. They must have a QPA of 3.0 overall and 3.3 in mathematics and science course work. Selection shall be made by competitive examination, testing the student's ability in mathematics and English. Application deadline is late February. Contact the Scholarship Committee chair, Dr. Ben Freed, at 814-393-2592 for additional information.

Weir Family Scholarship

Established by Chuck Weir, Class of 1956, a former Clarion University athlete, and Shirley Weir, in honor of the Weir family that includes many children and grandchildren, some of who have graduated from Clarion University. This scholarship will be awarded to a freshman student-athlete who meets the eligibility criteria set by NCAA.  Coaches will make the scholarship offer to one of those scholar athletes in his/her group of recruits/team members each year.  Prospective student athletes will automatically be considered when appropriate.

Walter L. Hart Scholarships

These multi-year scholarships, presented in honor of the former admissions director, are awarded to the strongest incoming freshmen. Past recipients were in the top 5% of their graduating class, with SAT scores in excess of 1300 (combined critical reading & mathematics component), and with outstanding accomplishments and significant contributions through involvement in extracurricular activities. Students must meet required academic standards to receive the award in subsequent years. Student records are reviewed for this award via their admission materials; no scholarship application is required. Awards offered prior to February 1.

W. S. Tippin Scholarships

Scholarships are available to both men and women who compete on intercollegiate teams at Clarion. Interested students should have their high school coach contact the respective coach at Clarion for additional information.  Coaches will make the scholarship offer to one of those scholar athletes in his/her group of recruits/team members each year.  Prospective student athletes will automatically be considered when appropriate.

Virgil & Carol Freebourn Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Royce E. Freebourn in honor of his parents, Virgil & Carol Freeborn.  The purpose of this scholarship is to benefit students attending Clarion University - Venango Campus who are majoring in the nursing program.  Students must be better than average students and demonstrate financial need.  Contact the Nursing Department Chair for further information.

Venango Campus Scholarships:

Several scholarships, contributed by Venango Campus employees, available through the Venango Campus Scholarship Committee for students attending Clarion University's Venango Campus.

Venango Campus Endowment Scholarships

Endowment established by Venango Campus employees which funds several scholarships for students attending Clarion University's Venango Campus.

UPMC NW Medical Center Women's Auxiliary Health Career Fund Scholarships

Awarded by the Venango Campus Scholarship Committee to Venango, Forest, and Clarion County residents attending Venango Campus for educational purposes in the health career fields.

Trout Unlimited Conservation Scholarship

This scholarship has been established with the foundation through the sponsorship of the Iron Furnace, the Oil Creek, and the Allegheny Mountain Chapter of Trout Unlimited. It provides a $1,000 annual award to support the education of a senior student who displays a keen interest in conservation of natural aquatic resources, especially cold-water. The award will be based first on a written statement of the student's conservation goals and second their academic record. For additional information contact Dr. Andy Turner Department of Biology room 235 Peirce Hall. Application deadline is April 22.

Tracy V. Buckwalter Memorial

This endowed scholarship was established in memory of former faculty member Dr. Tracy V. Buckwalter. This award will be given annually to a senior student who best displays a vital interest and outstanding scholarship in the field of geology. For additional information contact Dr. John Ernissee, Department of Anthropology, Geography, and Earth Science at 814-393-2317.

Tom A. Carnahan & Mel A. Mitchell Secondary Education/Mathematics Scholarship

This endowed scholarship was established by Mr. Carnahan, professor emeritus of mathematics and Mr. Mitchell, professor emeritus of mathematics, to benefit Clarion students enrolled in the secondary education mathematics degree program. The award will be made to full-time students who have been admitted to the Teacher's Certification Program and who have achieved a minimum of 3.0 quality point average in completed mathematics courses. The Office of the Dean of Education will be responsible for mailing applications to all eligible students. In addition to submitting an application, students are required to provide two letters of recommendation. Students are eligible to apply for the scholarship for a second year. Completed application and attachments must be returned by March 15.

Theatre Scholarships

Awards are available to students who participate in the University Theatre. Criteria for selection are aptitude, dependability, dedication, talent, and performance promise. Students selected by the theatre staff. The number and amount may vary from year to year. For additional information contact the director of theatre at 814-393-2648.

The W.E.B. Dubois Scholarship

Established by Clarion University Minority Alumni to support and assist with the retention of strong students. To be eligible for consideration, student must demonstrate evidence of need by a current FAFSA form on file; be a second semester freshman or above with at least 12 credits earned with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. An essay is required and the contact person for application is Rogers Laugand, Director of Minority Student Services at 814-393-2043. Deadline date is first Friday in April.

The Slanco-Grunenwald Scholarship:

This scholarship was established by Janice Slanco-Grunenwald to honor and celebrate the commitment of her parents, George & Ann Slanco, to her musical education; and the constant support and encouragement of her husband, Joseph Grunenwald, to her professional life as a Pastoral Musician, High School Choral Director, Private Instructor, and Collaborative Pianist. The award is for an incoming freshman music major with a 3.0 minimum g.p.a. who is a leader in his/her school's or church's musical program and wishes to bring that leadership and enthusiasm to Clarion University's music program. Interested students who wish to be considered for this award may request an application for the Janice M. Slanco-Grunenwald Scholarship from the Chair of the Music Department at 814-393-2287. Deadline is April 1.

The Ruth N. Pici Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in May 2004 by Mr. Frank A. Pici, Clarion Class of 1977, in honor of his mother, Ruth.  Ruth was a strong advocate of higher education.  Like many parents of Clarion students, she did not attend college.  However, recognizing the value of higher education and the practical value of an accounting background, she worked hard to provide the environment and resources for her son and her other children to better themselves with college educations.  Each year, the scholarship will be awarded to a freshman accounting major from Southwestern Pennsylvania , with preference given to graduates of the East Allegheny , Elizabeth Forward, McKeesport , and Gateway School Districts in Allegheny County .  To be considered, student must also rank in the upper 40% of high school class and have a SAT score of 1000 (combined critical reading & mathematics component) or higher.  Awarded each spring.

The Ruth Bleakney Montgomery Science/Mathematics Scholarship

This scholarship established by Ron and Judy Montgomery in memory of Ron's mother Ruth. This endowment encourages students from Armstrong, Jefferson and Clarion Counties (preference given to Armstrong) with high achievement measured by their high school class rank and SAT score and also excellent academic performance at Clarion University to seek higher education. They must be of sophomore, junior or senior standing (with preference given to sophomores). Candidates must have declared a B.S. in a traditional science or mathematics major. Previous recipients may receive the award up to a total of three times. Applicants must apply no later than one week after grades are available for the spring semester. Please contact the office of the Dean of Arts and Science at 814-393-2328.

The Pay it Forward Scholarship

Established by James Staab, a 1970 graduate of Clarion-Limestone High School, and Sally (Harris) Staab, a 1972 graduate of Keystone Oaks High School. (Pittsburgh, PA) The purpose of the scholarship is to recognize an entering Clarion University student who has graduated from one of the aforementioned schools who clearly understands and demonstrates the concept of Pay it Forward. To be eligible for the scholarship, students must have a minimum graduating grade point average from high school of 2.75, and minimum S.A.T. scores of 900 (combined critical reading & mathematics component), or an A.C.T. composite of 19. Applicants will be asked to submit a short essay, not to exceed one page, on their concept of "Pay it Forward." Applicants for the scholarship must submit their application along with their essay on or before April 1. Contact the Office of Scholarship Administration at 814-393-2306 for further information.

The Panos and Pavlos Award

Established by Mr. Panos Theodoridis, Class of 1990 and Pavlos Ignatiades, Class of 1986 & 1988, for international students originating from Greece or Cyprus. For consideration, contact the Clarion University International Office.

The Megan Lhota-Calderaro Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Jim Calderaro, Jr. in honor of his wife Megan Calderaro, Clarion Class of 1973, who passed away March 15, 2003 .  Megan was a Spanish-Education major at Clarion.  She always spoke highly of her experience at Clarion and Megan was very proud of her Spanish Education degree.  She was a high level manager for Bell Atlantic / Verizon Inc. for twenty years.  She utilized the Spanish portion of her education to help Bell Atlantic/Verizon conduct seminars in different countries.  Megan was a very giving, selfless person.  The scholarship is a way of keeping her memory alive.  It is intended to honor her giving nature for many years to come.  To be automatically considered, student must be incoming freshman Spanish Education or Spanish major in Arts & Sciences.  Student must have a minimum of 3.0 GPA and a 900 (combined critical reading & mathematics component) on SAT.

The Kroh Family Business Scholarship

Established by D. Scott Kroh, Class of 1974, and his wife, Pamela, to benefit a student in the College of Business Administration at Clarion University. The scholarship is intended for upper division students who maintain a strong academic performance in preparation for a successful career in a field of business. Award is based on financial need. Application is made to the chair of the College of Business Administration Scholarship Committee during the Spring Semester. Questions should be directed to 814-393-2600.

The Grejda Education Scholarship Endowment

This scholarship endowment was created by Dr. Gail F. Grejda in honor of her husband Ed, Clarion alum (Class of 1957) and professor emeritus of English (1961-1996); and their family's longtime dedication to outstanding classroom teaching. The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage students who show promise in the field of education, through having demonstrated excellence in their classroom experiences.  Eligible candidates must be education majors, undergraduate students entering their junior or senior year, have achieved a minimum of 3.25qpa, demonstrated proficiency by having passed the Praxis 1 exam, and provide evidence of their desire to excel in the field of education through work and volunteer experiences including but not limited to coaching, literary programs, religious education, after school programs, tutoring, etc.  Contact the Education Department in Stevens Hall for further information.

The Frank Clark Scholarship

Established by Mr. Frank Clark who taught in the Speech & Theater Department at Clarion University from 1967 through 1995. The intent of the scholarship is to award an incoming freshman from a Venango County high school planning to attend the Venango Campus. Second preference will be given to incoming freshman from a Clarion County school district. Academic criteria include a minimum SAT score of 950 and graduated in the upper half of class.

The Dean James D. Moore Women's Softball Scholarship

This scholarship was established by David C. Smith, Class of 1964, to honor Dean James Moore who was a former dean at Clarion State College. First preference will be given to a student/ softball player pursuing a degree in the College of Education & Human Services. Prospective student athletes will automatically be considered when appropriate.

The Bobbi Scholarship Fund

This scholarship established by Ms. H. Roberta "Bobbi" Heeter to provide financial support for Clarion University students who are the dependent children of widows or widowers. Just prior to her retirement in 2002, after 28 years of service, Bobbi became the first recipient of the Clarion Proud Award. To be considered, candidate must be an incoming freshman, dependent child of widow or widower, show financial need, and achieved a good high school academic credential. It is the intent of the donor that the award will continue to support the same student throughout his/her undergraduate career. The Clarion University Scholarship winner must maintain a 2.5 cumulative grade point average on a year-to-year basis. If you feel you qualify for consideration of this award, please send letter indicating so to the Scholarship Administration Coordinator, Admissions Office, Clarion, PA 16214.

Stephens Scholarship

In honor of their lives' works of commitment to serving others, the Dr. Harold & Carolyn Hartley Family has established a scholarship honoring Harold's childhood friends, Wesley Stephens and George Stephens of Lenoxville Pennsylvania.  Harold learned a great deal about helping others at age 8, when the heroic actions of his two young friends saved his life.  As a result of life's experience, a grateful Hartley Family has long-valued commitment and helping others.  This scholarship serves as a lasting tribute to the Stephens and Hartley families.  First preference for the scholarship is an incoming freshman from Mountain View School District in Susquehanna County PA.  Second preference is an incoming freshman pursing studies in Speech Pathology & Audiology. Students will be automatically considered.