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Intro to D2L Environment

 Introduction to the D2L Learning Environment

When you first log into D2L, the My Home page is displayed.  The My Home page is composed of widgets, or individual content frames. The default My Home page contains both a Calendar and News widget, along with two navigation bars to browse your courses as well as the site.


Note: You cannot reorganize courses. However, you can minimize converted courses and previously taught classes to simplify the My Home page.

 Entering a Course

To access one of your D2L courses, you must log into D2L, then either click on the name of the course in the My Courses widget or choose your course from the course selector drop-down in the mini bar from the My Home page. Note: If attempting to access through the course selector drop-down at the beginning of the semester, you may need to change how this tool is organized from Last Accessed to Course Name. To do this select the drop-down menu next to the Search for a course field, and select Course Name.

Course Selector


 Navigating within a Course

Once you are in your course, you can navigate the various areas using the navbar at the top of the page.  The navbar includes links to the following course areas: Course Home, Content, Assessments, Communication, Resources, and Edit Course.