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M.S. Admissions Criteria


Online Program Titles

  • Master of Science in Mass Media Arts and Journalism

  • Graduate Certificate in Public Relations


Program Requirements

  • MS degree students may pursue a thesis, internship or portfolio project option.

  • Students must have access to a computer with reliable Internet capability.

  • Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to consult with the department chair before admission to the program.


Admission Requirements:

Regular Full Admission

Individuals seeking admission to Clarion's Master of Science in Mass Media Arts and Journalism or the Graduate Certificate in Public Relations must have earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with an overall GPA of 3.0

Applicants need to provide the following information and documents for consideration of admission into the MMAJ program: 

  1. Completed and signed Online Application Form or You are encouraged to use the online application

  2. Official transcripts of all undergraduate work (Clarion University undergraduates need not provide a Clarion transcript)

  3.  Three current faculty and/or professional recommendations on Clarion University’s form Interfolio (Interfolio is a paid service by an outside company. There will be a $25 charge to establish your account and send us your recommendations.) or

  4. Up-to-date resume

  5. Statement of purpose for pursuing the MMAJ including your professional goals, a description of your talents and skills as they relate to graduate study in the field, and a list of your accomplishments as they relate to your professional goals

  6. Short essay describing how you expect to benefit from graduate study in MMAJ at Clarion University and how you expect to contribute to the program

Provisional Admission

Admission on a provisional basis may be granted if the applicant's GPA is at least 2.75 on a 4.0 scale and a scaled score of 400 or above is achieved on the Miller Analogies Test or a combined score of 297 from two sections is obtained on the Graduate Record Exam (as of August 2011).  Degree status may be obtained upon completion of 12 semester hours with a minimum of 3.0 average.

Admission Procedures

  • Follow all of the procedures listed for admission to graduate studies at Clarion University.

  • Indicate your purpose in pursuing the MMAJ MS degree and/or Graduate Certificate in Public Relations in your short essay.

  • For non-native applicants: submit TOEFL scores of 600 or above.

  • For those seeking both the MS degree and the PR Certificate simultaneously, submit the $30 non-refundable application fee and indicate dual degrees sought on the form. (Currently enrolled Master's candidates can add the Graduate Certificate and vice versa at a later date by submitting a second cover application form).

Credits to Complete

Completion Length
18 months to 6 years

Entirely online