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Minors and Certificates


Biology Minor, Molecular/Cellular/Organismal Biology

Biology Track ...................................................18-20 credits

This minor provides students in chemistry, physics, pre-engendering, and computer science a working knowledge of biology at all levels but with an emphasis on cellular and molecular biology.  This cross-disciplinary experience allows them to apply the expertise of their major to the emerging fields on nanotechnology, biotechnology, genetic engineering, genomics, computational biology, and others.  

Required:  BIOL 155/165, 201, 203, 341, and 450 or 483.  In addition 3-4 credits to be elected from: BIOL 305, 306, 307, 320, 382, 404, 440, 443, 446, 450, 451, 452, 459, 460, 485, BCHM 453 or 454.

Biology Minor, Ecology/Evolutionary

Biology Track ...................................................18-20 credits

This program is designed for students who are in other majors but require a general knowledge of the fundamental concepts of biology, but with a focus on ecology/evolutionary biology aspects. These students will be provided with additional skills and experience to enhance their education.

Required: BIOL 156/166, 202, and 11-12 credits from the following: BIOL 382, 402, 425, 427, 428, 432, 456, 471, 473, 492, 493, 494, or 495. 

Writing Certificate

Students who wish to go on to graduate school or professional school must take a series of standardized tests quite similar to the SAT.  These tests have both quantitative and verbal sections, for which SAT scores are highly predictive. The Biology Department Writing Endorsement is designed to provide a mechanism for students to improve their verbal scores so they can be more competitive for admission. Moreover, employers are usually concerned with an applicant's writing abilities. For those who wish to work after graduation, the writing endorsement provides formal evidence of writing competence.

The Biology Department Writing Endorsement requires 12 credits in writing courses:  ENG 111 Writing II, ENG 207 Research Methodology and Writing, ENG 306 Scientific and Technical Writing, and two W-flagged electives in the sciences. Since all students are required to pass Writing II and two W-flagged courses, students may satisfy these requirements simply by adding ENG 207 and ENG 306.

When these requirements are completed, a formal letter is issued with the signature of the Biology Department Chair and Director of the Writing Center. Completion of the requirements for the Writing Endorsement may also be listed on a  student's co-curricular transcript.