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1970s Distinguished Awards Recipients

1974 1976 1979


Russell Buhite '61 -- 1974 Distinguished Alumni Award

Dr. Buhite’s award came as the result of his 1973 nomination for the Pulitzer Prize for a historical biography. He is Associate Professor of History at the University of Oklahoma and a native of Reynoldsville. Presentation of the Distinguished Alumni Award to Dr. Buhite was made by Walter Slaugenhoupt, ’33.

Robert Burnham '07 -- 1974 Distinguished Service Award

Burnham’s award was accepted by his sister , Mrs. Vivian Burnham Von Bernuth, ’24. The Corsica native had long been active in Alumni Association affairs and had donated numerous photographs to the organization.

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Dr. Elmer Delancy '21 --1976 Distinguished Alumni Award

Dr. Delancey had a distinguished public school career before beginning a second career teaching in church related colleges. Presenting the award to Dr. Delancey will be Juanita Lindquist Walls, ’21.

Joseph Kenny '36 -- 1976 Distinguished Alumni Award

Receiving a Distinguished Alumni Award will be Dr. Kenny. Dr. Kenny has been a professor and administrator at the University of Wisconsin for many years. Presenting the award to Dr. Kenny, Kenneth Woodall, ’63.

Dr. Elizabeth Rupert '59 -- 1976 Distinguished Faculty Award

Dr. Rupert will receive the Distinguished Faculty Award for her fine record as professor and dean of Clarion’s School of Library Science. Presenting the award to Dr. Rupert was Eleanor DeWald Moore, ’42.

Dr. James Gemmell -- 1976 Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Gemmell will receive the Distinguished Service Award for his many accomplishments as president of the college since 1960. Presenting the award to Dr. Gemmell, Harry Ashbaugh, ’33. Dr. Gemmell will welcome the alumni present the 50-year diplomas.

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Dr. Kenneth Mechling -- 1979 Distinguished Faculty Award

Dr. Kenneth Mechling of Clarion received the Distinguished Faculty Award. Dr. Mechling, a professor of Biology and Science Education at Clarion, has been selected as the recipient of the Distinguished Faculty Award. A 13-year teaching veteran of Clarion, he has distinguished himself both in the classroom and community.  Obtaining a B.S. and M.Ed. in Biology at Indiana University of Pa., he earned a Ph.D. in Science education in 1970 at Michigan State University.  Current duties at Clarion include undergraduate and graduate courses in science education, undergraduate courses in Biology, programs for in-service education of teachers in science, supervisor of student teachers and chairman of the General Science Certification Area.  The recipient of numerous state awards, Dr. Mechling has also been instrumental in Clarion State College receiving several grants for research projects involving the teaching of science. The grants have also benefited area high schools through the research.

Dr. John Mellon '50 -- 1979 Distinguished Alumni Award

The Alumni Association presented its Distinguished Alumni Award to Dr. John Mellon, now president of Western State College of Colorado at Gunnison. Dr. Mellon returned to Clarion from Colorado where he has served as president since 1973. The Distinguished Alumni of 1979 spent two stints at Clarion, both in teaching and administrative positions. Coming to Clarion in 1955, Dr. Mellon served as an associate professor of English until 1961 when he left for the University of Pittsburgh. An associate dean from 1961 to 1964 at Pittsburgh, he was acting dean of the School of General Studies in 1965. The Pittsburgh native returned to Clarion for his second span of service in 1965, working as Dean of Liberal Arts until 1973 when he was named president at Gunnison. A World War II veteran, Dr. Mellon graduated from Clarion in 1950 with a B.S. in English. Additional degrees were earned at the University of Pittsburgh, with a M.Litt., English in 1957 and Ph.D., English in 1964. He is married to the former Joyce Barney and the couple has two children. Mellon's award was presented by Dr. William McCauley.

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