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OWA: Conversation View

In Outlook Web App (OWA), conversation view groups email messages into conversations
based on the subject of the message. Conversation view is enabled by default for every mail
folder in your mailbox. You can disable it, but you will need to disable it on each folder
separately; there is no option to disable the setting on multiple folders. To disable or enable
conversation view:

     1. In the left column of OWA, click the folder for which you want to modify conversation view.

     2. In the right window, below the "New" option, click the drop-down arrow next to "Arrange by:".

     3. At the bottom of the menu, to disable the option, uncheck Conversation, or to enable it, check this box.

     4. Repeat all the steps above for every folder for which you want to disable or enable conversation view.

*Special Note:
   Conversation view is only available in the default interface of OWA.