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More Information About UB

The Upward Bound program at Clarion University provides the following services to its participants:

  • Study skills development

  • Career exploration

  • College application and financial aid application help

  • Social, cultural, and recreational opportunities

  • Tours of college and university campuses and visits to college fairs

  • Field trips (including cities, historical sites, museums, and amusement parks)

  • Summer classes in composition and literature, math, computers, science, and foreign languages

  • SAT, ACT, and college application fee waivers

  • Assistance in choosing a college

  • Tutorial assistance

  • Financial aid and scholarship search assistance

  • Standardized test preparation (PSAT, SAT, and PSSA)

  • Stipends (up to $30/month for completion of program requirements; see Stipend Policies for more information.)

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How Does Upward Bound do this?

During the school year:

  • Seven Saturday "Campus Days" are held on the Clarion University campus

  • Program staff members visit each school bi-weekly to meet with students

  • "Learning Coordinators" conduct after school meetings at the high schools

During the summer program:

  • Students live on campus in a university residence hall for six weeks

  • Academic courses in composition and literature, math, science, languages, computers, and careers are offered

  • Students participate in fun and educational field trips

  • All students have access to university facilities such as the swimming pool and library

  • Workshops expose students to new study skills and topics about college life

  • Optional activities expose students to new recreational opportunities

How much does all of this cost?

  • All Upward Bound services are provided free of charge to eligible participants

  • Students receive stipends (up to $30/month) for completion of program activities

  • All summer program expenses (classes, housing, meals, and field trips) are paid for by the program

What are the expectations?
  • All students must work hard in school to attain and maintain a 2.5 grade point average in all of his/her academic courses. 

  • Students must attend all academic, Saturday, and summer activities as required. 

  • Seniors must apply for admission to three colleges or universities. 

  • Students need to complete required standardized testing (the Terra Nova, PSAT, and SAT)

More detailed information is provided in the UB Program Requirements document, which is updated annually and provided to students and their parents.

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