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Getting Started

Choosing Clickers

Both TurningPoint and TurningPoint Anywhere are programs from TurningTechnologies. These programs are known as student response systems. By using a student response system, you can ask questions in a class and have students answer the questions using clickers. For more information about these programs, please visit our software information page.

If you decide to use clickers and the student response system in your course(s), please contact the LTC so the receivers can be ordered and the proper rooms can have the software and receivers installed.

Clickers as Course Materials

Once you have chosen to use clickers in your course, you will need to contact the bookstore. Just like placing the order for your required texts, make sure to order the clickers as a required material for your course.

The current model being used at Clarion University is the ResponseCard NXT.

Registering Your Courses

After alerting the LTC and placing your order with the bookstore, you will need to register the courses you will be using the clickers in. Please review the Web Registration Utility Guide for detailed information on how to register courses and manage the information housed within them.

Access to setup an account and setup your classe:.  Web Registration Utility

Note: Please use your Clarion email account during registration. Students have to use your email to locate classes and register their clickers.