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FAQ: How to Restore Deleted Messages in Outlook Web App (OWA)


Outlook Web App (OWA):

1.  Open up browser and login to OWA

2.  Look to see if the deleted e-mail is listed in the 'deleted items' folder.  If not, then it must
     have been deleted over 45 days ago and has since been moved to the e-mail retention
     area of Exchange for an additional 15 days.

3.  Proceed to step 4 if this is the case, if you found your deleted e-mail then it's recommended
     that you move or make a copy to another folder for safe keeping such as your Inbox or other
     folder.  You may stop at this point since you found your e-mail and successfully restored it.

4.  Right-click on the Deleted Items folder.

5.  Select "Recover Deleted Items"

6.  In the window that pops up, click/highlight the message(s) you want to recover.

7.  Select the folder (or create a new folder) you would like to move the recovered e-mail into then
     click on the "Recover..." button.
  It is a good idea to put the recovered e-mail in a folder 'other than' your "deleted items".

Other Important Notes

  • This feature works for any of your email folders that are on the 'Exchange' server.

  • It will not work for any email that is stored in your personal (local) folders.  These folders
    are usually on your local computer and have a heading at the top labeled "Personal Folders - mm/dd/yy".
    This is the date you were converted to Exchange.

  • You may repeat the steps above with other folders (such as Sent Items), but most of the time the messages
    you want to recover were already in the Deleted Items folder to begin with.

  • Messages deleted more than 60 days ago are not recoverable