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Contact Dr. John McCullough at 814-393-2409 or for more information about the Instructional Technology Specialist Certificate.

Contact the Graduate Office at 814-393-2337 or for information about admission to the Clarion University of PA Graduate Program?

Would you like information about Clarion University of Pennsylvania? If so, visit Clarion's homepage or the Admissions homepage.


The Instructional Technology Specialist Certification program online courses are taught by faculty from three departments; Mass Media and Journalism, Education, and Library Sciences. These graduate faculty are all dedicated to the ITSC program and to offering exemplary online courses. Faculty that teach ITSC courses are:


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Dr. Jonathan Brown 814-393-2088  112 Stevens
Dr. Susan Courson 814-393-2105  123 Stevens
Dr. Marilyn Harhai 814-393-2377 211 Carlson
Dr. Myrna Kuehn
814-393-2286  130 Becker
Dr. John McCullough 814-393-2409  120 Stevens
Dr. Marlyin Howe 814-393-2034  217 Stevens