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A Guide to Education-Related Resources in the Clarion University Libraries and on the Internet

(Including links to databases, government organizations, professional organizations, teaching resources, career links, technology-related educational resources, local schools, and education journals on the Internet)

Education Databases

Education Research Complete via EBSCO

ERIC Database via EBSCO

Mental Measurements Yearbook via EBSCO

Clarion University's Disabilities-Related Resources Guide

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Government Organizations

Department of Education Links
Yahoo's hotlist of Departments of Education for each state as well as the federal government.

National Archives Digital Classroom
Lesson plans based upon digitized historical documents, information about conducting research, links to the Presidential Libraries, and other topics related to the National Archives.

Office of Elementary and Secondary Education
Includes information about No Child Left Behind, standards and accountability, early childhood resources, and other governmental education information.

Pennsylvania Department of Education
Our Commonwealth's web site includes information about becoming certified in Pennsylvania, Act 48, Pennsylvania standards, finding a job, the Commonwealth Libraries, and a wealth of other information.

United States Department of Education
Includes research and statistics, links to No Child Left Behind legislation, higher education and financial aid resources, news, and information targeted to specific audiences, such as teachers, parents, principals, and higher education administrators.

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Professional Organizations

American Association of School Administrators
Information about this organization, employment, IDEA, No Child Left Behind, current educational issues, scholarships and awards, news, state associations, and publications. 

American Federation of Teachers (AFT)
This union web site includes information about teacher salaries, contract language, and current issues.  It also includes information for paraprofessionals, in addition to k-12 teachers, higher education teachers, and public employees.  

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
This international education association is comprised of superintendents, school board members, teachers, and principals.   Its web site includes information about news and current issues, its publications and members, and a wide range of educational topics.

Education Resource Organizations Directory (EROD)
Made available through the United States Department of Education, this searchable database of educational organizations includes contact information, web site addresses, targeted audiences, and a description of each organization.  

International Society for Technology in Education
Includes membership information, publications, teacher resources, and news targeted especially to members.

National Council of Teachers of English
Information about membership, issues/positions, links to discussion groups, teaching ideas, and educational topics such as copyright, grammar, publishing student writing, and writing across the curriculum.

National Council for Teachers of Mathematics
Resources, links, and activities designed for specific educator audiences (elementary, middle school, high school) as well as information related to this organization.

National Council for the Social Sciences
A media center, list of notable social studies books, professional resources, organizational and membership information, and information about standards are included in this web site. 

National Education Association (NEA)
Includes parent guides, information for members, educational issues, publications, news, events, and related information.

National Rural Education Association
Includes Rural Education News and the Rural Educator, as well as organizational information.

National School Board Association
Includes information related to school law, school board policies, the role of school boards, school governance, and educational technology.

National Science Teachers Association
Information focused on elementary, middle school, high school, or college teaching environments, as well as organizational information and news. 

Pennsylvania Association of Elementary and Secondary School Principals
Includes information about the organization as well as password-protected information solely for its members.

Pennsylvania School Board Association (PSBA)
Includes a calendar, organizational information, and some employment information.

Pennsylvania School Education Association (PSEA)
Provides organizational information as well as information about various educational topics and issues.

Pennsylvania School Librarians Association (PSLA)
Includes organizational information, legislative alerts, 

Phi Delta Kappa International
Includes links to the Kappan Magazine, professional development, research, membership, and related items.

Yahoo's Directory of Special Education Organizations
A list of educational links from Yahoo.

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Education & Teaching Resources

Ask ERIC: Educational Listserv Archives
The archives of educational listservs (electronic discussion groups) that are posted at the ERIC web site.  This site also provides instructions on how to join these listservs.

Children's Literature Web Guide
Focused on children's literature, this site includes the a discussion group, children's book award winners, children's bestsellers, and links to a variety of resources including the Douchette Index (of teaching ideas for various titles), author links, reader's theatre links, links for teachers, and much more. 

Douchette Index Change to Literature Websites
Teaching resources, lessons, and ideas for a wide variety of children's literature titles. 

Clip art for kids, prescreened k-12 educational resources (both in English and Spanish), and Eduhound Hotlist, which allows you to create your own free educational web site.

ERIC Website
Government-related site that includes a wide range of educational resources on many topics.

Global SchoolNet
Focused on collaboration, this education site focuses on curriculum and Internet project-based learning.

Great Educational Web Sites
Hotlist of educational sites, including topics such as Acceptable Use Policies, special education, research skills, and learning styles.

Kathy Schrock's Guide
Located at Discovery School, this site includes a subject directory of educational links, Puzzlemaker, and other useful educational tools. 

National Center for Educational Statistics
Includes educational statistics, a school and library locator (with statistics), a classroom for students, and other resources.

Pennsylvania Curriculum Standards
The curriculum standards for schools in our Commonwealth.

Allows students and teachers to make various puzzles, such as word searches, crossword puzzles, Cryptograms, and mazes.

School: The Story of Public Education (PBS)
Traces the history of education from colonial times to present day, including famous educators, past and present educational tools, and more.

Chat boards, job information, free printables, and other educational resources.

Educational web sites and web quests created by students as part of the Think Quest competition.

Yahoo's K-12 Education Links
Yahoo's education links.

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Career-Related Links

Education World's Education Career Center
Allows the user to subscribe to its job newsletter, locate state certification requirements, and locate other educational job resources.

Higher Education Jobs
Locate jobs in institutions of higher learning through this resource.

Nation Job Network: Education Jobs Page
Searches for educational jobs that meet your specific criteria (location, salary, keywords). 

Occupational Outlook Handbook
This government site discusses job requirements and outlook for a wide variety of jobs.

PA Dept. of Education - Job Vacancy Listings
The PDE page lists some teacher job openings in Pennsylvania.

School Spring
Another source of educational job listings online.

Includes an online resume builder, a place to record your answers to nine interview questions, and a method to submit applications online.

Yahoo's Educational Employment Listing
Yahoo's directory of employment resources for educators.

Want To Teach
Free and fee-based educational job resources and postings. 

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Technology-Related Education Resources

Classroom Connect
Focuses on integrating technology into learning, this site has some free and some fee-based resources.

History of Computers in Education
Traces the history of the use of technology in education.

From Now On: Educational Technology Journal
An online educational technology journal.

Global SchoolNet
Focused on collaboration, this education site focuses on curriculum and Internet project-based learning.


Journal of Educational Technology
An journal, with some online articles, focusing on educational technology. 

Lesson plans and educational resources are available at this site, which requires free registration.

Teaching With the Web
Educational resources and ideas for teaching using the Internet, specifically teaching languages and cultures.

Virtual Field Trips (Surfaquarium)
Walter MacKenzie's field trip guidelines as well as a hot list of online field trips on a wide range of topics. 

Virtual School House (Field Trips)
A list of field trips and museums available online.

Education World: Technology in the Classroom
Includes a variety of useful articles related to many areas of technology in education, as well as topic-based resources such as web quests, keyboarding, and distance education.

Yahoo's List of Virtual Field Trips
Directory of field trips listed at Yahoo.

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Local School Districts On The Web

Franklin Area School District
Web site for the Franklin Area School District, Franklin, PA

Intermediate Unit & IU's List of Schools
The Riverview Intermediate Unit Web Site (Clarion, PA)

Oil City Area School District
Web site for the Oil City Area School District, Oil City, PA

Titusville Area School District
Web site for the Titusville Area School District, Titusville, PA

Valley Grove Area School District (Rocky Grove)
Web site for the Valley Grove Area School District, Rocky Grove, PA

Venango Technology Center
Vo-Tech Center for Venango County

Other PA Schools: See PA Dept. of Education Listings

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Other Schools On The Internet: 

American School Directory
Founded in 1996, this formerly free, but now fee-based site, contains information about most schools in the United States.

Great Schools
An online guide that allows parents and interested others to locate and compare schools in their community or across the country.  This site includes contact information, PSSA scores, and other information about each school. 

Yahoo's List of K-12 Schools on the Web
Yahoo's directory listing of k-12 schools. 

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Education Journals Web Sites

Note: Often only the table of contents is available online.


Education Digest
Lists the table of contents and article summaries, as well as subscription information,  for this journal.

Educational Magazines Online
World's links to educational journals, magazines, and newspapers. 

Exceptional Children
Lists submission guidelines and subscription information only for this journal.

Instructor Magazine
Includes online features, articles, and reproducibles for this magazine.

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Special Education Resources

See: Special Education Resources Page

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Last Updated: September, 2008