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Campus Pack

Overview of Campus Pack (used for wikis, blogs, journals, and podcasts)

Please note: Campus Pack will have a new look effective Aug. 11, 2014. 

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Campus Pack - Learning Objects is a 3rd-party product that is used with D2L for creating wikis, blogs, journals and podcasts. There are two basic steps to adding a wiki, blog, journal, or podcast to a D2L course site:

Step 1. Create a link ("Add Activity" in D2L 10.2) between your course in  D2L and the external Campus Pack environment. Instructors have two options in the way this link can be created:

- Option 1: Create a link ("Add Activity > External Learning Tools > Campus Pack Collaboration Space)  to a "collaboration space" in the Campus Pack Content widget where students will choose the wiki, blog, journal or podcast from the list of tools. The Collaboration Space option is a good one if you will be using more than one Learning Object or will have groups.

- Option 2: Create a link directly to the Learning Object from the External Learning Tools drop-down menu. This will create a direct link into the wiki, blog, or journal.

Step 2. Create the wiki, blog, journal or podcast space that students will work in.


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 What are the differences between these tools and their instructional uses?


A wiki is a collaborative Web site which allows members to edit, delete or modify content using a browser interface. In D2L, wikis can be restricted to members of a group or available to the entire class.
Instructional uses: Group collaboration, asynchronous comunication, peer mentoring


Blog is short for "Web log," and is Web space that allows users to publish their thoughts on a particular subject. Within D2L they are visible to instructors and other members of a course. Viewers can comment.
Instructional uses: Express opinions, promote dialog.


Journals are similar to Blogs. However, in D2L they are private and visible only to  the student and the instructor.
Instructional uses: Express opinions, ideas, and concerns about the course materials  or topics that would not be shared otherwise.


A Podcast is an audio recording that can be played through a browser interface. Instructional uses: Short narrations, feedback, or student reflections.

More on using Campus Pack WIKIS, BLOGS, JOURNALS, and PODCASTS


Step 1. Create the Link from D2L to Campus Pack

Option 1. Create a Link to Campus Pack "Collaboration Space"

1. Log into your D2L course and click on Content on the Navigation Bar.

2. Click on Add Quicklink and select External Learning Tools.

Campus Pack 1


3. Select "Campus Pack Collaboration Space" from the list of External Learning Tools.

Campus Pack 4.2

The link will be created and added to the bottom of the module you've created it under.


Students will be linked to the "Collaboration Space" (image below) and choose the collaborative tool as assigned by the instructor from a list of available tools.

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Option 2. Create a Link Directly to a Campus Pack Tool

Another option is to create a Quicklink from the course directly to the wiki, blog, journal or podcast space. This may be useful if you will be using the Campus Pack tool in a single module of a course, or will only be using one Campus Pack tool. The process is the same regardless of the Campus Pack tool being used. To create the Campus Pack tool Quicklink:

1. Follow steps 1-3 above. Just choose the desired Campus Pack tool  (Campus Pack Blog, Journal, Wiki, or Podcast) instead of Campus pack Collaboration Space. 

Campus Pack 2


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Step 2. Create the Wiki, Blog, Journal or Podcast space

After creating the Campus Pack link in your course content area, the next step will be to create the actual wiki, blog, journal, or podcast space on the Campus Pack side.

1. To access Campus Pack, go to the content area module in which you created the link, then click on the topic name.

Campus Pack 5

2. If you linked to "Campus Pack Collaboration Space", select "Add Content" from the Content widget on the Campus Pack page. 


    Then, select the tool you wish to use - Wiki, Blog, Journal or Podcast -  from the list of available options:


3. Give the wiki, blog, journal, or podcast a title and and enter any description text as desired. Under Deployment, leave the default setting under Deploy as "single copy" and click Add. IF you created a link directly to the tool, this is the same method you will use to setup the Wiki, Blog, Journal or Podcast. (The steps are the same from here on) 


Next, select a link for specific instructions and screenshots on adding content to your Wiki Blog, journal or Podcast. You will be directed to another page.

                               WIKI   |   BLOG  |   JOURNAL  |   PODCAST


Safari users note: When accessing Campus pack the first time, you may see a login screen similar to the image below. To avoid this, please access your Safari preferences menu and change the setting under Privacy > "Block cookies:" to "Never". Restart the browser and access the campus pack link again.