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A member of your organization will need to create an organizational account in CU CONNECT. The steps for activating a organizational account are as follows:

1. Visit

2. Click the "Log In" icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen

3. Login to CU CONNECT using your organization's Outlook Web App Login username and password (e.g. that you utilize to access all university technology services (Outlook, R25, etc.) If your organization does not have an Outlook Web App Login, you will need to complete Computing Services iClarion E-Mail Account/Web Space for Officially Recognized Organizations & Programs form, which can be found at The group's advisor is the individual who must sign as the "Responsible Party."

4. Click "Edit Profile*" button on the left hand side of the screen then complete your group's Profile Information, upload a profile picture and determine your group's preferred Privacy & Notification Settings (make sure you hit "save" on the bottom of each page after you update your information).

5. Click on the "Organizations" in the gold toolbar.

6. Click the "Register" button in the "Register a New Organization" box on the left side of the screen.

7. Follow the steps outlined by your campus, updating any information as needed.

8. Click "Next" at the bottom of each page to continue to the next step.

9. You will have the opportunity to review each step prior to submitting the completed registration.

10. Click the link associated with each step to review and update the information.

11. Click "Submit for Approval" when all information has been included. (All registration submissions must be reviewed and approved by a campus administrator. You can view the status of your submissions and/or update any submissions still in "In Progress" status.)

The CU CONNECT registration process takes the place of the old paper registration process. This year group's will have until Friday, November 30th to register their organizations in CU CONNECT before being placed on a status (inactive/probation) or have their CSA funds frozen.