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Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitative Science


Rick studentThe Rehabilitative Sciences Program is an interdisciplinary program that combines the resources of the departments of psychology, sociology, health and physical education, and nursing with the resources of Special Education and Rehabilitative Sciences. The program prepares students for general human service positions in the areas of aging, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse. Graduates of the program assume a variety of positions, including case managers, residential program managers, therapeutic staff support, day service directors, rehabilitation program specialists, mental retardation personnel, substance abuse prevention specialists, activities directors, and similar positions.

Venango College offers a Court and Community Services Concentration within the Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitative Sciences degree program. Students gain a strong understanding of the rehabilitation process and its interaction with the court system.  The program is approved by the American Bar Association and is the only such program in Pennsylvania.

The Rehabilitative Sciences program is an inter-disciplinary program that combines its resources with:

Admission Requirements

Acceptance into the Rehabilitative Sciences program is contingent upon 2.5 QPAs in the first four semesters at Clarion and Act 33, Act 34, and FBI clearances.