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Professional Pilot


The Professional Pilot concentration in Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Technology degree program will provide the foundation that students need in order to begin their path to becoming a commercial pilot.

Students who earn the degree can continue on in the new Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology Leadership program to achieve leadership and management training while accruing flight time, which is required in order to obtain commercial pilot designation. Students must attain a bachelor's degree and accrue a number of flight hours in order to move to commercial status including multi-engine flying and instrument flight ratings.

The program is offered as a partnership with Ravotti Air. Students will complete their flight training at the Venango or Clarion airports, where they will complete their Pilot Licenses. Students who already have obtained their Private Pilot License can receive credit for coursework already completed.

The career opportunity for graduates is remarkable in that they will have the opportunity to be trained by industry operators as pilots in a number of areas including: air carrier operations, on-demand charter, aerial application (crop dusting), aerial photography, survey work and even flight instructing. It can be on various types of aircraft, including single engine, multi-engine, piston engine, turbine engine, float planes, or any combination of these depending on certification levels earned.

Professional Pilot: Roadmap to a Degree

Semester One:    
Course Description  
INDT 299 Elements of Flight Theory  
INDT 299 Aviation Weather    
INDT 299 Private Pilot Flight    
ENG 111 Writing II    
CIS 217 Application of Microcomputers    
MGMT 120 Introduction to Business    
Semester Two:  
Course Description
INDT 299 Systems I    
INDT 299 Aircraft Propulsions    
INDT 299 Commercial Flight I    
MATH 112 Excursions Math    
ECON 211 Principles of Macroeconomics    
PHSC 112 Basic Physical Science    
Semester Three:    
Course Description
INDT 299 Avionics    
INDT 299 Instrument Pilot Theory    
INDT 299 Instrument Pilot Flight    
HPE 111 Health & Wellness    
BSAD 240 Legal Environment I    
CMST 113 Public Speaking    
Semester Four:
Course Description
INDT 299 Commercial Pilot Theory    
INDT 299 Applied Flight Dynamics    
INDT 299 Turbine Engine Theory    
INDT 299 Commercial Pilot Flight    
MGMT 320 Management Theory & Practice    
INDT 301 Issues in Industrial Technology