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CARIPD Student Interns

At the Center for Applied Research and Intellectual Property Development (CARIPD), we support research for a diverse group of interns with a multitude of academic backgrounds with the goal of conducting applied research.  The applied research provides tangible, big picture projects that allow for interdisciplinary collaboration.  In most cases, the research extends to fundamental research that provides conference and peer reviewed publication opportunities.

What distinguishes the CARIPD, is that research experiences are tailored to the student.  If better suited opportunities are available elsewhere on campus, Assistant Professor Legum will find the faculty adviser that will foster the students' interests.



Meet the Students!

Matt Bauer

Matt Bauer (Academic Standing: Junior)
Majors: Physics and Mathematics
Minors: Nanotechnology and Honors

Ryan Detwiler

Ryan Detwiler (Academic Standing: Freshman)
Majors: Physics and Engineering
Minors: Mathematics, Nanotechnology, and Sustainability

Shane Halloran

Shane Halloran (Academic Standing: Junior)
Major: Molecular Biology/ Biotechnology
Minor: Nanotechnology

Denae Heath

Denae Heath (Academic Standing: Senior)
Majors: Accounting and Economics
Minors: Marketing and Speech Communication

Luke Lutkus

Luke Lutkus (Academic Standing: Junior)
Major: Chemical Engineering
Minors: Nanotechnology, Mathematics, and Honors

Christa Matlack

Christa Matlack (Academic Standing: Graduate Student)
MS Biology

Geoff Moyer

Geoff Moyer (Academic Standing: Senior)
Major: Molecular Biology/ Biotechnology

Brandon Nelen

Brandon Nelen (Academic Standing: Senior)
Major: Computer Science
Minors: Mathematics and Information Systems