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The Anthropology, Geography, and Earth Science (AGES) Department offers both a bachelors degree in Geology in addition to a Minor in Geology (proposed).

Geology Degree Requirements

  1. ES 150 – Physical Geology w/lab; ES 250 Historical Geology w/lab; ES 255 Geomorphology w/lab; ES 330 Hydrogeology w/lab; ES 350 Structural Geology w/lab; ES 355 Paleontology; ES 360 Mineralogy w/lab; ES 370 Petrology w/lab; ES 390 Sed-Strat Petrology; ES 455 Field Methods in Geoscience
  2. Nine Credits Geology Electives
  3. CHEM 153/163 Gen Chem I w/lab; CHEM 154/164 Gen Chem II w/lab; Ph 251 General Physics I; PH 252 General Physics II
  4. MATH 221 Elementary Applied Statistics OR MATH 260 Applied Calculus

 Geology Minor (proposed)

  1. ES 150 Physical Geology; ES 260 Environmental Geology;  ES 250 Historical Geology; ES 360 Mineralogy
  2. One of the following: ES 255 Geomorphology’ ES 355 Paleontology; ES 330 Hydrogeology; ES 350 Structural Geology; ES 390 Sed-Strat Petrology; ES 370 Petrology