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Part Time Students

Part-time students can receive financial aid for college! If the student demonstrates need according to the FAFSA, and is enrolled for at least six credits per semester or over the summer, he or she may be eligible for grant aid. Regardless of need, part time students who file a FAFSA are also eligible for loans. Part time students are also eligible for campus employment and for some scholarships.

Students who enrolled in a program where they take all of their courses on-line are eligible to use federal financial aid (PELL and SEOG grants; Stafford, PLUS, and Perkins Loans) for which they qualify as per the FAFSA. Since their educational costs are lower (for example, part-time students) they may not receive the maximum grant or loan amounts.

Any student who is taking more than 50% of her or his courses on-line in any given semester is not eligible to use a PHEAA state grant for which s/he might otherwise qualify.

Virtual Campus and online students are subject to the same financial aid regulations and conditions as any student taking courses on campus, including the requirement that they must make Satisfactory Academic Progress toward a degree to continue to be eligible to receive financial aid.

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