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Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes

Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Technology

Department of Applied Technology

Revised Spring 2014


Assessment Measure


Students will be able to demonstrate appropriate technical skills in the students' chosen area
  1. Student Evaluation by technical faculty
  1. A technical evaluation will take place by the technical instructor(s) at the completion of each student’s technical training.  The evaluations will be evaluated every two years beginning in summer 2014.
  2. Students will achieve industry certification in their technical area when appropriate.

Students will be able to understand and apply basic safety principles to industrial situations.
  1. Safety research paper in INDT 301
  2. Pre & Post test on variety of safety topics in INDT 301
  1. Research papers will be evaluated in INDT 301 an annual basis beginning in summer 2014.
  2. Create INDT 250 Industrial Safety to further teach safety concepts in degree program, fall 2014.

Students will be able to demonstrate effective oral and written communication.
  1. Evaluation of student speeches in INDT 301 as well as evaluation of paper on “green technology” in INDT 301
  2. Employer Surveys
  1. Rubrics will be established with consultation of speech professors to effectively evaluate speeches, and writing rubrics will be created with assistance of English department to evaluate effective writing beginning in 2014. Rubrics will be used each semester to evaluate effective oral and written communication.
  2. Surveys will be given to employers every 3 years to evaluate student’s oral and written communication beginning in 2014.

Students will understand basic business principles and how they apply to business situations.
  1.  Samples of student papers in INDT 301
  1. Students will be evaluated using a rubric with the assistance of business faculty for a research paper each semester, and papers will be evaluated annually, beginning in 2015.

Students will be prepared to find gainful employment in their chosen technical area.
  1.  Completion of a job-ready cover letter and resume.
  1. Resumes and cover letters will be evaluated by local business leaders through mock interviews each semester in INDT 301.  The results of these interviews will be evaluated every two years, beginning in fall 2014.