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Why Act 101/EOP?

Joseph CroskeyDo you want all these benefits?!

EARLY REGISTRATION – Be a part of the select group to register for classes early - won’t it be nice to get the classes you want instead of what’s left???

BOOK LENDING-We have money to help you with your books.

‘PEOPLE’ that can help you read & understand your degree audit, so you get the classes you need to graduate on time.

‘PEOPLE’ in your corner - people to help you navigate the Clarion system, people to help if you are ever in a tough spot, people who want you to be ridiculously successful!



You want all this and more!
Check financial qualifications -
VISIT #114 Ralston and we’ll get you started.



Student Advising for Act 101You’ll also have these benefits to take advantage of:

•    Progress Report Conference and monitoring of academic progress
•    Early Registration Conference
•    Academic instruction to develop cognitive and study skills essential for college level learning.
•    Counseling designed to assist students in development of positive self concept
     Counseling designed to assist students in career awareness and decision making skills.
•    Assistance in obtaining financial aid to meet the rising cost of higher education.
•    Your choice of quiet study areas, group study sessions and a computer lab
•    Faculty lead tutorial sessions, review of papers and writing skills supplemental instruction
•    Success workshops:
        How to get the most out of Clarion University
        How to get the job you want
        How to prepare you for life after college
•    Peer Advising
•    A Four Year Plan for College

Added up, all these services will make university life less stressful and more rewarding



    There are Academic and Financial Guidelines
       An interview will help us determine if you are qualified academically.
       The financial guidelines state that PA residents whose income is less than or equal to twice the poverty rate are qualified. Check this website (2007 Poverty Guidelines (PDF)) to determine  if you fit or contact our office.

Want to Know More? Contact
Joseph Croskey
Ralston 114