Collaborate Ultra Web Conferencing

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is the current web conferencing tool in  D2L/Brightspace Learning Environment.  Ultra allows instructors to conduct online meetings with students and colleagues in real-time within D2L. A default "course room" is available to members in a course, but instructors may create a custom session as well. 

IMPORTANT: Collaborate Ultra is completely browser based but requires the latest browser technology. For best results, use only Google Chrome or Firefox (latest versions) to setup, access or moderate a Collaborate Ultra online room. For more information, check out the Browser details link in the Moderator or Participant blocks below. 

Collaborate Ultra is located in the navigation panel under the Communications tab of each course in D2L. 



A word about Collaborate Classic archives:

  • Instructors - create a link in your course content area to use lectures recorded in the “Classic” version of Blackboard Collaborate. Please refer to the Moderator (instructor) block below for directions.
  • Students -  please refer to the Participant block below for help in launching a Collaborate Classic archive (archives will be in the form of a link in your D2L Content area) , or for help with  the new Collaborate Ultra version. 

Please note: As previously announced, the Passhe contract with Blackboard Collaborate ends June 30, 2018.  Faculty recordings are currently archived on Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing servers. Access to these files will no longer be available at the end of the contract and must be converted to MP4s for use in future courses. The LTC will be managing this for faculty with existing archives.

Instructors who have made recordings using ULTRA (after MAY 12, 2017) can download recordings directly from the course where they were created. Follow instructions to download Ultra recordings


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 getting started


Last Updated 6/12/18