Department of Economics

Clarion University's Economics programs equip graduates with the tools needed to adjust and advance in a continually changing world. Studies in economics emphasize using economic principles to solve business problems. Economics faculty provide opportunities for students to develop the ability for abstract thinking and quantitative reasoning in addition to a practical working knowledge of economics. 

Economic Careers

Our graduates find employment in a variety of professional fields including financial analyst, management, economist, account executive, budget analyst, consultant, banking, labor relations, national intelligence, community development, utility management, and forecasting. 

The top five employers are:

  • U.S. Federal Government (Social Security Administration, Dept. of Agriculture, EPA, Dept. of Commerce)
  • Federal Reserve
  • PA State Government
  • Northwest Savings Bank, PNC Financial Services, FNB Corporation, First Commonwealth Bank, Fidelity Trust
  • UPMC

Our degree programs also provide strong preparation for graduate education. In a recent survey of graduates, over 60% reported some type of post-graduate study. The most frequent graduate fields selected were MBA, law, and economics.  Listed below are some of the schools our recent graduates have attended:

  • Harvard Law School
  • University of Pittsburgh Law School
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • West Virginia University
  • American University
  • University of Maryland
  • Suffolk University 


Our students are encouraged to pursue internship opportunities.  Internship partners include:

  • Various International Internships
  • Northwest Savings Bank
  • S&T Bank
  • Brookville Equipment
  • PA State Government
  • Penn DoT

Department Contacts

Dr. Paul Woodburne, Chair
333 Still Hall
+1 814 393 2628

Ms. Lori Klepfer, Secretary
339 Still Hall
+1 814 393 2628

Last Updated 12/2/16