Admission Criteria

Undergraduate application information


In accordance with the principles governing admission adopted by the university, six general categories are considered for admissions to Clarion University:

  • Strength of curriculum
  • High school class rankcode_simulation
  • Grade-point average
  • High school profile
  • SAT or ACT test score
  • Recommendations

Applicants must be graduates of an approved secondary school or hold a General Education Development (GED) high school equivalency diploma issued by the Pennsylvania ( or associated state) Department of Education.

Home-schooled applicants must be a graduate of a Department of Education-approved home-school association program.

On average, applicants will be:

  • in the top two-fifths of their class (top 40 percent class rank) 
  • a 3.2 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale (87% average)
  • average SAT score between a 950-1000 on combined critical reading and math scores
  • average ACT score of 21

Most applicants will have completed:

  • four units of mathematics (typically algebra 1, algebra 2, and geometry)
  • three units of science (typically sciences such a biology and chemistry)
  • four units of English
  • four units in the social sciences (typically world cultures, history, social studies, psychology, sociology, etc)

There are no foreign language requirements for applicants, but two or more years of a foreign language are strongly encouraged.

Programs that Require Additional Admission Requirements (see individual program pages):

Last Updated 7/12/18