Club Sports

The designation of “Club Sports” will be given to those organizations that choose to participate in athletic competition with outside organizations on a non-varsity status.

Recognition Process:

To obtain Club Sport status, an organization must meet the stipulations set forth by the Intramurals, Recreation, and Club Sports (IRCS) Committee and item D of Student Senate’s Recognized Student Organization Policy.  If all conditions are satisfactorily completed and confirmed by the IRCS Committee and the Director of Intramurals, Recreation and Club Sports, then the request for Club Sport status will be forwarded to Student Senate for action regarding official recognition. 


Club Sports will be supervised by the Director of Intramurals, Recreation and Club Sports and will be placed under the general umbrella of the Center for Sports and Recreation.  The Center for Leadership and Involvement will provide the same support services to Club Sport teams that it does for all other Recognized Student Organizations.  Each Club Sport team will be required to submit a current roster to the Director including release waivers, and proof of individual or group accident and injury insurance coverage. 

Director of Intramurals, Recreation and Club Sports:

The Director, with Club Sport Council approval, will recommend the recognition of individual teams to Student Senate, submit a request for Clarion Student Association (CSA) funding for all Club Sport teams, and generally supervise the overall administration of the Club Sports program.  Other duties of the Director shall include:


  • Oversee the scheduling of facilities for practices and competitions. 
  • Supervise the appointment, evaluation, and retention process of Sport Club coaches.
  • Oversee the expenses and distribution of club funds through the CSA office.
  • Manage the implementation of First-aid/CPR training for at least two officers from each Club Sport team or proof of an on-site medically trained professional. 

Responsibilities of the CSA Office:

  • Maintain all financial accounts for each club, including fundraising dollars.
  • All club money must be kept in a CSA account, (all pre-existing off-campus accounts must be transferred to the CSA and those accounts closed).
  • The CSA Business Manager and the Director of Club Sports must both sign for all Club Sport purchases/expenses.

Club Sports Student Representation:

One designated Club Sport participant will serve on the Center for Sports and Recreation Advisory Board and one designated Club Sport officer will serve on the Club Sport Council. These groups will allow Club Sport teams to have a voice in the administration and management of the program. 


Club Sport teams must adhere to the rules/policies of the Code of Conduct for Club Sports participants. The Director will act upon any violations to this code. In addition, violations of rules/policies contained in the Student Rights, Regulations, and Procedures Handbook may be simultaneously adjudicated through the Office of Judicial & Mediation Services. Violations by Club Sport teams/team members, involving alcohol, drugs, violence etc., may result in the suspension of individual members, loss of University recognition for the Club Sport, and/or the loss of Clarion Student Senate funding and fundraising privileges. 

Budget Process:

The Director will supervise funding for all Club Sport teams. Each Club Sport team will submit their specific request to the Director. The Director will then submit an overall Club Sport budget request to Student Senate. The amount allocated by Student Senate to the Club Sport program will then be distributed by the Director to the individual Club Sport teams based on needs and cost of their program and the budget allocation received. 


Club Sport teams must follow the same regulations as other Recognized Student Organizations. Clubs are restricted to competitions within a 300-mile radius unless prior permission has been granted. The coach or advisor must accompany the team to away competitions. 


Club Sport teams are required to have an advisor who is a faculty or staff member. 


Club Sport teams may utilize a coach. The coach may or may not be affiliated with the college. No Student Senate funds may be used to compensate a coach. Club Sports that are regarded to be high-risk activities are required to have either a coach or advisor present at all organized practices and competitions. 


Each Club Sport team will be required to carry accident and injury insurance for each member or for the entire group. The accident and injury insurance can be from either the groups national governing organization or the group can be covered by the facilities in which they are using. Updated copies must be maintained in the office of Club Sports. All Club Sports members must sign a liability waiver at the beginning of each year. ** 


Any Clarion University student may participate in Club Sports if they maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA and are in good academic standing. 

Training Room:

Club Sport members may NOT seek treatment or diagnostic services from the varsity sport training facility or professional staff. 

Fund Raising:

Club Sport teams must adhere to all governing regulations for fundraising through the office of Campus Life.
**  All organizations deemed high risk by Student Senate must also sign the liability waiver at the beginning of each year.  High Risk organizations currently include but are not limited to: Rugby, Equestrian, Fencing, Archery, Hockey, and Rifle.


Kristian Taylor Coordinator of Recreational Services 814-393-1668 

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