Exchange Outlook 2011

Mac Outlook 2011

 How to configure for Exchange

  • Open Outlook
  • Click on Tools, Accounts


  • Complete the following fields:
    • Account Description: ["Claron E-Mail"]
    • Full Name: [First and last name]
    • E-Mail Address: []
    • Method: **Should be set to "User name and Password"
    • Enter 'User Name' and 'Password'
  • Close Window


  • How to import local contacts (contacts in your e-mail client) into Exchange
  • How to import iClarion Portal contacts


  • How to send/receive e-mails
    • To send an email message in Entourage:
    • From the toolbar, click "Mail" button
    • On the toolbar, click "New" button
      (The address portion of the message appears)
    • In the 'To' text box, type the email address of the person you are sending the message to

If you are sending messages to multiple people, use a comma ( , )
to separate the email addresses. Pressing [tab] after you have entered
an email address in the To text box, will allow you to toggle between the
Cc and Bcc text boxes.
If you decide to remove a recipients email address, select the email
address that you wish to remove and click Remove button.

    • Press [return] (The Message window appears)
    • In the Subject text box, type an appropriate subject line
    • Press [tab]
      (The insertion point appears in the body of the message)
    • In the body of the message, type the appropriate text
    • When you have finished typing, click "Send" button
      (The message is sent)
  • To receive new mail in Entourage:  Entourage automatically checks for new mail every 10 minutes by default.

 Calendar Features:

  • How to access the calendar
    • Open Entourage 2004 or Entourage 2008.
    • Click the 'Calendar' icon on the left, top of the window,or click 'Calendar' in the folder list on the left.
    • Select your Exchange calendar from the area on the left side of the window.
    • Your Exchange calendar may be named Calendar [Your Name] - not Calendar [On My Computer].
    • Your calendar is displayed.
  • How to create an appointment:
    • Open Entourage (2004/2008)
    • Click 'Calendar' in the upper left corner of the window within the calendar, click the "New" button, or click File > New > Calendar Event 
    • In the Subject box, type a short description of the event 
    • In the Location box, type the location of the appointment or you may leave this box empty 
    • Select start and end times 
    • In the large, white box, you may add notes or details, or you may leave this box empty 
    • Click 'Save' to add this appointment to your calendar.

** Here are some helpful tips **

    • To make it private in Entourage 2004, open an event and click Options > Private
    • To make it private in Entourage 2008, open an event and click Event > Private
    • Click the Invite button to convert the event into a meeting.
    • Click All-day event to flag the entire day. For example, add "First Day of Classes" and make it an All-day event.
    • Double-click on your calendar to create an event for that date and time.
  • How to set calendar permissions - The following section provides instructions for granting other users access to your Calendar and set permissions.
    • From the Navigation pane, click Mail button
    • Press [control] and click the Calendar folder ยป select Sharing


      (The Folder Properties: Calendar dialog box appears)
    • Select the Permissions tab


      Click ADD USER...

      (The Select User dialog box appears)


      In the text box, type the user name or list name with which you would like to share your Calendar
    • Click FIND


      From the scroll box, select the name(s) of users with which you would like to share your Calendar
    • Click OK

      (The name appears in the Folder Properties: Calendar dialog box)
    • OPTIONAL: To add additional users, repeat steps 4-8


      Under Name, select the name or group you have just added
    • From the Permission Level pull-down list, select the appropriate choice

      NOTE: Based on your selection, the default permissions for that level appear checked
    • Select or deselect the specific permissions given for that level as appropriate


      If you added more than one group or individual, assign their permission level by repeating steps 10-12
    • Click OK

  • How to create an appointment
  • How to import iClarion Portal Calendars
Last Updated 6/12/18