Clarion University and the Clarion community exist so well together that you’ll often hear the term Communiversity uttered by community and university leaders alike.

The university is the No. 1 employer in Clarion County which helps the community thrive and ensures connections with the people who call Clarion, the town, home.

But employment isn’t the only way the university invests in the region.

With the Small Business Development Center, the university plays a key role in jumpstarting new businesses in the area. The SBDC is at home in the Gregory Barnes Center for Biotechnology Business Development at Trinity Point at Monroe business park.

Clarion University’s biotechnology center is an incubator where new ideas and research have room to grow. In turn, those ideas have the chance to jump start new industries in the region. Students also conduct research there under the guidance of experienced faculty.

In addition to these economic boons, the university’s foremost responsibility is to educate its students. Students study from more than 100 academic programs.

Our students come from all walks of life from 48 states and the far corners of the world. Here, they learn to become global citizens. But first, they do so by becoming citizens of Clarion. With the Good Neighbor Program, students learn to reduce quality of life concerns for their neighbors. Issues such as loud noise, fighting behaviors, harassment, underage drinking and drug abuse are greatly reduced with this program.

Students also become enriched in community traditions such as the Autumn Leaf Festival. In 1953, the first recognized Autumn Leaf Festival was held during the homecoming ceremonies of Clarion University, then known as Clarion State College. Businesses were asked to decorate, adding a touch of color to the town.

The following year, the Clarion Chamber of Commerce decided a larger festival would attract even more people to the area. The tradition has lived on with key events throughout the nine-day festival such as the Farmers and Crafters Day and the Parade Day, which coincides with Clarion University’s Homecoming weekend and football game.

Last Updated 3/4/20